Internet and the frustration we get through it.

Internet which links devices to the world. It makes our life easy, we can do so many things using internet, basically it is our lifesaver. I can’t think about the world without internet, that much I want it in my life.

So coming to the main point that is how much frustration I get because of this internet.

There has been a heavy rainfall in my area and because of that I lost my Internet connection for an entire week. My Internet service provider said we can’t help it as all the wires have been cut down due to this heavy rain ( even though it was raining they tired their best and I need to appreciate them for that). So I started using my mobile data during that week and it was hell. It used to take 5 minutes for me to upload a picture and 10 minutes for me to watch a 2minutes YouTube video and I didn’t even watched anime during that time and it made me crazy. I wasn’t able to write blogs, I wasn’t able to do my other important stuff like editing my audio comics as it is delay for like almost two weeks now. My world became a mess. I felt like my connection with the world got disconnected. After that week I got my Internet connection back and I thought that I will stay in peace and then I came to know that it is just a illusion. My Internet speed became slow. Nothing irritates me more than the slow internet speed. When I was watching Black Butler it used to keep on buffering for every 20 secs. Just imagine how frustrating it is. I was so eager to watch this anime and my Internet connection ruined my excitement. When the best parts comes in the anime at the same time the video starts buffering and I gave up watching it.

Even though Internet is everything sometimes I feel it is better if it doesn’t exist. When I go out with my friends I like to talk with them but instead the phone distracts me. Not only me literally everyone and instead of talking with each other we just try to chat with some other people you are somewhere else. As there is no internet I was able to focus on other activities. I started reading books and started drawing/painting more which kind of relaxed my mind.

How do you feel if you loose your internet connection?

6 thoughts on “Internet and the frustration we get through it.

  1. No internet for a week would kill me. All my hobbies depend on an online connection, be it playing games or watching anime. I feel your pain though, as my PC died two weeks ago and I only recently got a replacement. My ancient tablet sufficed for watching videos, but I wasn’t able to do any blog stuff.

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  2. I feel lost. Reading is nice, but it’s hard not being able to check the news or take a break and watch a video. Fortunately, haven’t had to go a week without it. *knock on wood* Glad you got your Internet back, but too bad it wasn’t going fast.

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  3. When we lose power, which happens fairly regularly where I live, I read. I do need my internet connection though given where I live is very isolated and even simple things sometimes can’t be purchased in town and need to be ordered so losing internet for an extended period can become quite frustrating. I also use it for keeping in touch with family and friends who are scattered around the country. I think we’ve mostly gotten to a point where the internet has become something most of us see as an essential and certainly the benefits of being able to connect with people all over the world rather than being limited by geography are fantastic.

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  4. Honestly? Even though it can be frustrating at times, it never bothers me. I just go and read a book, or pop in a dvd with a good movie. I always think it’s weird when I see people go out for a fun night out with friends or loved ones and they don’t talk to each other but instead only seem to spent time on their phones. Really…where is the fun in that. I just always put my phone away whenever I go out, because I don’t want to get distracted by it. Unfortunately though, that doesn’t seem to be the way the world works these days. Sadly enough….

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    1. I agree with you people are getting more near to the phones and distinct from their surroundings.

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