Qarib Qarib single movie review.

I going to write something different today. I going to write about an Indian movie. I love this movie so much that it made me to write the review of it.


Jaya, a 35 years old widow who is unable to forget about her husband even though it’s been 10 years since he has passed away meets Yogi whose passion is writing poetry and a person who is total opposite of Jaya. They both met through a dating website as Jaya thinks that she needs to try moving on. Yogi tells Jaya that he has three ex-girlfriends and he is going to meet them and he also invites Jaya to tag along with him. Even though Jaya refuses at first she accepts going along with him as she thought that she needs a break. I rest of the movie shows about there journey and how their relationship effected by it.


As I mentioned above I really love this movie guys. I always prefer watching movies which warm up my heart and this movie is one of them. This movie basically shows how a single woman or a window is taken for granted as there were scenes in it which shows how Jaya was used by the people whom she thought were her friends. This movie even reflects some part of our lives. The way Yogi wanted Jaya to have a life really melted my heart and literally it wanted me to have a Yogi in my life. This movie made me to think one more time about my life, whether I am enjoying it or just wasting it.

The conversations between Jaya and Yogi is a plus point to this movie. The way they take care of each other is so beautiful. The characters, the story everything is good.

If you want to watch this movie you can check this out in Netflix it will come with English subtitles.

2 thoughts on “Qarib Qarib single movie review.

  1. Wonderful review! You should definitely write some more of these movie reviews! Really enjoyed reading it 😊😊

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