Black Butler: My first impression.

So many people recommend me to watch this anime before but I was hesitated to watch this as I thought it will be a dark anime. Recently I heard the opening of this named monochrome kiss, I loved it and I thought I should check out the anime and I found it as Black Butler. I was not at all interested as I mentioned it before but that song passed into me like a poison and my desire for watching this anime has become more, I thought well I can’t say whether I will love it or not without watching it and I gave it a try. After completing two episodes this is what I thought.

I was literally like Meyrin while watching the entire anime.

I don’t know why but I was keep on blushing when I was looking at Sebastian. I wish I get a Butler like that😍

Coming to the topic I like watching it, it was so….. What should I say addictive. It is not completely dark or normal, this anime was balanced in a perfect manner. I already ship Meyrin and Sebastian πŸ˜‚ Ciel, is he really a child? The why he was thinking is not ordinary and the other servants “omg” they are cute. Even though they goof around without doing their work properly neither Ciel nor Sebastian says anything. I was having a problem with the way Sebastian was dealing with the bad guys but I will get habituated to it in less time and I can’t wait to watch more episodes of it😍

3 thoughts on “Black Butler: My first impression.

  1. Hahaha, yeah Sebastian can be quite alluring with that posh British accent πŸ™‚
    Black Butler is one of my favourite anime. Season 2 isn’t very good, but season 3 book of circus is amazing πŸ™‚
    Hope you enjoy the rest of the anime and can’t wait to hear your opinion on Grell, when they finally make an appearance (they’re my favourite character in Black Butler) πŸ˜€

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    1. Looks like you really enjoyed watching this anime😊

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