5 stages which tells you whether you are a fujoshi or not.

My friends always asks me “Are you a fujoshi?” And my answer would be “No” they say that “but you watch gay anime😱”.

I am going to be clear in this topic. Everyone who watch Shonen Ai or Yoai are not fujoshi.

Here are the five stages which tells you what a real fujoshi is.

You prefer to watch Yoai/ Shonen Ai:

Well this is the first stage, even though you have so many anime out there which will squeeze your heart you will feel that Shonen Ai makes it more than Shoujo anime. You watch Shoujo/action or any other gender but in the end you always go back to Shonen Ai.

They are literally your favorite genre:

Before you would have at least watched other genres but now you only prefer to watch Shonen Ai or Yoai. You feel like your life is incomplete without watching them. You always gonna search for the new anime in the market or try to find the manga. They become your life.

Shipping characters:

Well everyone does that, I mean even I shipped Victor and Yuri😛 but they are in the other level, they ship everyone in every anime and on top of that they create doujinshi of those characters.

They blush when they see a couple:

I respect gay couple, I don’t think anyone can show courage like them when it comes to love. But fujoshi they respect them more then us. If we meet a couple we will say “we are happy for you guys😊”. Even they say it but there will be fireworks carnival inside there heart😵.

They literally ship everyone:

This will cross the anime border. They start shipping the real people. They couldn’t help it. If they see two boys passing a towel, they will imagine that they are wiping sweat on each others body and this is the stage where they should know that they need a psychiatrist 😛

So these are the five stages which shows you that if you are a hard core fujoshi or not. Well I am not a fujoshi, I know I relate to the first two stages but you know it just can’t be helped 😂

2 thoughts on “5 stages which tells you whether you are a fujoshi or not.

  1. this was a very amusing post and gave me a good giggle

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