Why is it so hard to write a comment?

Well as a blogger I like to read the posts of other blogger. Some bloggers have a really good stuff. Some blogs encourage us and some show us the new world. We will know so many things which we don’t know before.

I personally write blogs in order to share my interests with everyone out there and I think it is kind of fun.

Now comes the main and most difficult part “Commenting”.

There were so many times when I thought of writing a comment for various posts. I personally like to write a comment if I really love that content and so does everyone. Commenting is a difficult task for me and I believe there are people out there who even feels the same.

When ever I read a post I am like ” Oh my God! this is so good. I will write a comment on this” but wait the comment which I wanted to write is already written by someone else. I mean it’s natural there are so many out there who may have same thoughts and I feel satisfied by telling myself that “It’s fine, someone has written it on behalf of you😂”.

The next thing why I think before writing a comment is because there is no edit option in the comment box in WordPress. I know everyone checks their comment before posting it until or unless you are perfect with your English but there are times when even though checked it but you will make a mistake. There is no delete option in order to delete it and you feel like ” I shouldn’t have posted the comment “.

I am happy that there are no debate in comment section other wise I would have lost all the debates. I am happy that people are so friendly and support each other.

Have you ever stuck at a certain time where you wanted to write something but don’t know what to write? I feel it all the time. I feel I should write something but what? That also made me write nothing. I am like I want to write something but what. It’s coming in my mind but I am unable to express it in words and that’s the part where I get struck the most.

Trust me guys I love your blogs and I love reading them but it is just hard to express myself.

These are some of the reasons which made me not to write a comment. So what are your reasons?

15 thoughts on “Why is it so hard to write a comment?

  1. For me, since I don’t keep up on a lot of series, I feel like I would just be spamming the same comments on each post: sounds interesting, that sounds bad, maybe next one would be better, have it in my queue, etc.

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    1. If I saw the posts about the series which I already watched then I would comment. I love this series, thank you for reviewing it.😛

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  2. Commenting on a blog, you’ve never commented on before can be so stressful. Sometimes I write a comment but get really shy and don’t send it and just give the post a like or sometimes I have trouble replying to comments on my own blog 🙂 But the more I’ve commented on a blog the easier it has gotten 🙂

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  3. I’ve made my friend proofread my comments for spelling and grammatical errors before when we were staying together (while my posts are littered with them 😂) so I understand the pain and struggle… I find for me that the best way to not stress over what I’m saying is to not read any of the other comments in the comments section before typing! I don’t want to read what amazing and insightful things everyone else had to offer, so I just go with whatever positive thing I want to say about the post or my thoughts on the topic! 😁

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    1. You know what scares me the most typing a wrong comment. Sometimes I forget to check what I type and after posting it, I am like ” what the!! Please undo it 😅

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      1. It would be great if we could edit comments… That would solve a lot of problems!

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  4. As someone who maybe comments too much (lol😂) I can honestly say that without leaving comments on people’s posts I would never have met so many wonderful people. It is one of the most rewarding things of blogging, and I just love the interacting with everyone. I have never, and I really mean never had a bad experience before😊 All I can say is: don’t be afraid to leave a comment. The worst thing that can happen is that someone might not respond. But my experience with the wordpress community is that everyone is extremely kind 😊

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    1. Yes I definitely agree with you that everyone is extremely kind😊

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  5. I definitely find commenting hard, and just as hard as when I started out although for a completely different reason. Especially when it comes to detailed discussions/arguments, I have many times wrote paragraphs over tens of minutes only to end up closing the webpage without hitting that “post comment”. Main reason is me thinking that the author probably thought about that before, and writing it in the comments would just seem rude.
    In the meantime I just pray and hope that they don’t find it creepy that I only ever like their posts and not comment. XD

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    1. Even I felt it so many times like I just like their posts and nothing else but we all know that we read them completely.

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  6. If I could show you the amount of times I have deleted and retyped this comment, you’d be surprised. Is this a cliched comment?.. Should I quote a line from the post?.. Should I extend their poem with a few of my own lines? .. Will that be a nice gesture or a show off kinda move?.. Should I just leave without commenting?.. Decisions, decisions.. Huh.. but in the end I just try to be honest and make constructive criticism .. Isn’t that what every creator needs? Sometimes I purposefully leave some Easter eggs in my posts for the readers to pick up and comment in my posts.. That really gives me a confidence and happiness.. In the end what I’m trying to say is a fewore words rather than the usual appreciative words be it positive or negative will always help the author… And ofc unlike the regular internet I have never seen a single comment section with depreciating or mindless debating conversations.. WordPress is a constructive haven. So happy interacting 😊

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    1. Even I don’t know how many times I deleted the reply to your comment 😅 but it is good to comment in order to interact with people😁

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  7. I used to get really stressed about commenting but I realised my whole point in starting a blog was to discuss anime and commenting on other people’s blogs is about the best way to actually start any kind of discussion. I’ve met some great people through commenting and I’m glad I do it. That isn’t to say that I don’t sometimes wish for an edit function.

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    1. Even I met so many good people while commenting 😊

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