My first crush in my Childhood .

Well I just checking out what can I draw next then I started remembering the series which I watched then I thought why can’t I just draw something from cartoon network? then I remembered a show which I loved to watch when I was small and that’s when I remembered him. My first crush in my childhood for whom I used to watch that show. I was like how can I forget about him.

Well I even used to watch it for the story also.

So my crush was none other than Martin Mystery from Martin Mystery.

I don’t remember why I used to like him at that time.I even used to fight with my sibling in order to watch that show. Martin Mystery used to air on cartoon network and this show is super cool and I am thinking of watching it one more time and if you haven’t seen it just check it out it’s really cool.

Who is your first crush in your childhood?

1 thought on “My first crush in my Childhood .

  1. Hmm…thinking back on my first crush in childhood, I think it was She-Ra the siste of He-man. While (at the time) I really didn’t like He-man, I absolutely loved She-Ra 😊😊

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