That frustration we all go through when our favorite character dies.

I thought it to myself when I was watching one of my favorite shows in which one of my favorite character died. It made a huge hole in my heart even after I competed watching the entire series. I knew that they are not real but I also know that the creators shouldn’t have done that and they can do something else instead of killing him. So today I am gonna share my frustration with you all.

What kind of Characters are targeted by the creators?

  • The popular ones:

The popular character in the anime even though leading or not are always targeted.

Creators view:

Why not as we are unable to expand our story and if we kill it we get more chapters on it and even our popularity increases. So let’s kill them and put everyone in grief and after few days or months let’s create another popular character.

  • A character which wins our hearts:

Well this one is different than the popular ones. This kind of characters may be arrived in one or two episodes but they never fails to win our hearts. We can take Naruto as an example for this, there are so many characters in this anime which are appeared in fillers and won our hearts.

Creators view:

It doesn’t matter even if they get killed. They were only for showing some sadness in this anime and lagging the story.

  • Characters which are some how related to the main characters:

We all know about this type of characters. They are close to them but they are killed in order to show a flash back of the main character which causes him trauma.

Creators view:

You know what let’s just add an sad flash back which shows why the main character is so pissed off all the time. Even if people hate the main character at first they will eventually love him after watching his flash back.

Why are these characters get killed?

We all know thus, in order to make us cry. Well basically most of them get killed for expanding their story. If your manga or anime is not becoming popular just kill the favorite character and boom it gets popular.

How do we know that they are about to die?

So it is basically simple, if the character gives a long speech before entering into a battle field alone then just know that he is gonna die. If a character gazed at their beloved person without any reason with a dull eyes just remember that it is having a health issue and it is about to die and so on but they are like a warning that you should make your heart strong before the character dies.

I know that pain we all go through when that happens and we know that we can’t even help it but let’s just be honest don’t we all get angry when that happens. I mean most of us only watch that anime for seeing our favorite characters and when they die it’s like we feel kind of emptiness in our hearts and on top of that they show their flash backs which makes me feel like they are throwing chilli powder on my wounds. Well I am that kind of a person. I easily get attached to the anime and the characters in it and when my favorite character dies I kind of feel empty. Well I can’t do anything about that. So that’s why before watching a sad anime I make sure to make my heart strong but I always fail in the end.

There are so many stories out their which are basically depends on death for example Your lie in April and Naruto and I don’t think they would have been great if that doesn’t happen but seriously Naruto crossed all the boundaries by killing all of my favorites. I swear if Kakashi have died I would have gone mad as I love him so much. I don’t know what they want to prove by killing them but one thing is for sure even if my favorite character is dead or alive it would always take a special place in my heart.

Sometimes I wonder does the creators get sad when they kill their favorite character ?

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5 thoughts on “That frustration we all go through when our favorite character dies.

  1. Death is a part of life and therefore a part of stories. I dislike cheap deaths for the sake of saving a flagging story or to pull a few tears without any real reason other than because they can, but I find that stories that deal well with character deaths regularly become among my favourites. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash was an excellent example of this.

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    1. Yes that’s what I think whenever I watch Naruto. Like if there are no sacrifices then there will be no story which will touch our hearts and becomes No.1.

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  2. While I also hate it when some of my favorite characters die I have to admit it’s also something that I think is necessary at times to maintain the tension level. If the heroes always save the day and are never in any danger, it eventually might become way too boring. But that doesn’t mean that I like it when a favorite character dies. I have spent way too many boxes of cleenex tissues crying over those deaths 😊😊

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    1. I just think too much like why did he killed him he has a family. I just think that the situations are real and I really need to stop that πŸ˜‚

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      1. Haha…no worries I get like that too. Way too often in fact. But I think that the show is really doing something terrific if it manages to get you that invested in a character 😊😊

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