our love has always been 10 cm apart ( An anime where everyone blames themselves )

Wel not everyone though but atlest the main characters does.

Well this one is originally created by Honey works as a song series and this anime is mainly focused on Mio Aida and Haruki Serizawa.

So the story goes on like this Mio and Haruki met each other on their first day of highschool when Mio was observing a tree in their school. They became friends from year one and continued to be friends till their third year. Haruki wanted to become a film director from his childhood and wants to study in America. Mio was a shy girl who is passionate about painting. Hikaru wanted to make a movie in which he wanted to show a painting which is of love theme. Haruki likes Mio and wanted to show her’s as he believed that she can do a great job. He asked Mio and her friends to paint a art which shows the concept of love and select one which is good. Will Mio get succeed in showing her art to Haruki and will Haruki go to America and study there? In order to know you need to watch this anime.


Well I really love honey works creation. Each and every song as it’s own story which is good. I am happy that someone wanted to turn it into an anime. The best thing is it ended up in 6 episodes. When it comes to the story sometimes I felt like the story is kind of rushed but we can’t help with that but the best part was there was no rivals for Haruki. As we all know that in each and every Romance anime or Manga there is always a flag where a childhood friend or their first crush or someone else comes out of no where and challenges the opposite one that they will snatch them from the main characters. I really like watching Romance genre but this kind of plot twist really pisses me off. When it comes it to the characters I like everyone and I like the way Haruki encourages Mio. The art is good, the music is good but the one thing which I didn’t like about this anime is that Mio always blames herself for everything. Well at first it is shown as her fault but as the anime goes on we can clearly see what did actually happened. I am not going to say that this story is best as it is ok and it is an one time watch.

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