5 centimeters per Second: A movie which breaks your heart.

Well I found about this movie after watching our love is always been 10 cm apart ( which will be reviewed soon ) and I am glad I found this movie. This movie is divided into three episodes and each episode is unique in its own way.

So the movie is like this in episode one we can see Takaki and Akari were transferred to an elementary school where they mostly used to spend time with each other but unfortunately Akari parents got transferred and she needed to go far away from Takaki but she used to write letters to him and one day when Takaki parents got transferred to another place he decided to go and meet Akari. They both meet each other and they felt that it may be their last time.

Second episode is about Takaki when he was in his highschool final year. A girl named Kanae has a crush on him but she couldn’t tell him about it as she found out that he may have someone who he loves the most.

Third one, well even I didn’t get it a little but it goes like this Takaki is a working men and he used to be in a relationship with his colleague but couldn’t continued as he thought that she was not the one and on the other hand Akari got engaged to another person.

In the end we can see that Takaki decided to move on.

Well in my opinion this movie went on like this for me I was like ” This movie is so slow, so basically it is a love story of two kids” and then “wait he is traveling alone at the age of thirteen, my mom doesn’t allow me to travel alone even though I crossed twenty and haven’t their parents worried about them”. And when it reached the second part ” Wow the visuals are so good, looks like I need to take screenshots for every single frame and then “Kanae it’s your time now just confess him already“. And the last part ” Wait, What? It should not been happening he waited for you like so many years how can you do that?

The movie was really good, I know what Akari did was good for her, but she should have waited a little bit more and even Takaki should have moved on like Akari did but it took him a lot of time to move on. I wish the director should have even showed the part of Akari like what made her to take that step. Even if the movie was slow from the beginning it will touch your heart for sure but make sure to grab some tissues. I wish they even showed Kanae’s part also, like how she deal with her broken heart. Well when it comes to the animation even though the characters where drawn a little bit shabby the visuals were amazing. I really love the visuals in part two, they kind of reminded me of Your Name. Even the ending song suits the movie. I will not say that this movie is amazing or something but I would say that this movie is worth watching.

1 thought on “5 centimeters per Second: A movie which breaks your heart.

  1. I saw this movie a long time ago (nope not in a galaxy far, far away lol πŸ˜‚), and I really enjoyed it a lot. Can’t remember all the details but the visuals were truly amazing πŸ˜€

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