10 Years Apart ( A short story written by me )

This is Mitsuki and I was a cheerful and mischievous boy. When I was around 10 years old, I heard a sound of a baby crying coming from next door. My mom opened our door excitingly and ran towards them. Even I wanted to know what it was so I followed her and there was a small little baby in the hands of her parents who were trying to open the door. My mom was talking with them and I was starring at her, she was so cute with tiny hands and legs. That was the first time I saw her. I couldn’t resist my self and tried to hold her tiny hand with my finger and she caught it tightly and my heart was felt with warmth. Her name was Chiaki and she was my first love.
As I was growing even she was also growing. She was cheerful and always made others laugh. I could stare at her for hours if possible but I couldn’t. I was 18 years old and I was in my final year of highschool and she was 8 years old and she was in her elementary school. I used to pick up her from the school as it was on the way. When ever I used to pick her up she used to have a big smile on her face which used to lighten up my heart. I know in one side that what I am doing is wrong but on the other side I couldn’t help it. Then came the time where I need to leave her for my higher studies. I wanted to become a teacher so the university I wanted to attend was far away from my place. It was hard for me but I couldn’t help it. I thought I will find out whether my love is true or not if I keep my distance from her. I used to visit my parents during holidays but I decided not to see her for 4 years. Time has passed and I got my teachers license and by the time I went home I found out that she was in her first year of middle school. “She has grown a lot ” that’s what I thought to myself. Luckily I got job in the same school but in high school division. I was fine with it. I started going to the school with her until she made some friends and decided to go with them. I thought my distance from her will make me realize that it was not in love but I was wrong I started loving her more. I know it was wrong but I couldn’t help it. The time has passed and she reached her final year of highschool and more importantly I was her homeroom teacher. I couldn’t control my happiness. The smile she gave me on her first day was priceless. I could clearly see that she was popular with everyone and boys treat her like their idol. Well she was my goddess from so many years.
You know things will never go the way we wanted. She met with an accident. I rushed to the hospital to see her, I saw her parents were in grief and my parents were consoling them. I didn’t know what was happening then I checked with the doctor. Then he said “She has a nervous breakdown in her lower part and she can’t walk anymore” I was shocked and wasn’t able to understand what to do. I got scared I didn’t want to see her like that. My goddess who always showered her warmness is in a huge pain. I couldn’t stop crying, I wanted to run away from her but I couldn’t.
I went inside the room and saw her she looked at me “Mitsuki San “ the tears from her eyes flowing on to her cheeks, I couldn’t bear it and went near her, she hugged me and cried a lot and even I couldn’t control myself and started crying.

“Mitsuki San my life is over, I can’t do anything anymore, I am only going to stick to a chair and do nothing”.

” You are wrong , you are completely wrong, even though you can’t walk you can do so many things by your own, you can paint right, I saw your paintings you are great and I even heard that you got so many prizes in competitions for it, I will support you, I will make sure that you will stand up by yourself “.
She looked at me and said ” Thank you “
5 years have been passed, she got graduated from high school and arts college and started working for a advertising company who allowed her to work from home and not only that she even teaches others too. I was happy the way she was growing and one time I decided to take her to the beach as she wanted to make a painting of it.
Mitsuki San aren’t you going to get married? You are going to become old you know” by saying that she laughed at me.

“How many years it has been since I saw this laugh on her face?” that’s what I thought to myself.

“Mitsuki san, thank you for always looking after me, from my childhood to till now, I am so happy that you never left me alone. You know I always wanted to spend time with you. It was fun to be with you, I really love the way you treated me and the way you spend the time with me. I always wanted to grow faster so that I can be with you. I was very sad when I found out that you went to attend a college which is very far from us and like how you used to not meet me those days and I was happy when you became a teacher in the school where I was studying. I wanted the time to move fast so that I can be with you more. I started going to school with my friends because I wasn’t able to control my emotions towards you. When you became my homeroom teacher I was so happy that I wanted to jump in the class. When I heard that other classmates wanted to give you a gift for your birthday I was a little big jealous and I decided to make a gift of my own which will take a special place in your heart but I think God had a special plans for me I ended up in the hospital on your birthday. I know you would come to see me but I didn’t wanted you to see me like that so I prayed a lot but my prayers failed and you came to me and comforted me and showed me the way, Mitsuki San you were always the light in my life, I know it’s very late but I want you to have it, your birthday present which I wanted you to have for a very long time”.
While listening to those words my mind and heart got stirred up and I wasn’t able to tell anything. She was handing over it to me with both tears and smile on her face and said ” I love you Mitsuki San, I loved you for a long time, I know it’s wrong and I know we are ten years apart but I can’t stay without you, will you allow me to be in your life forever “.
Those were the words which I wanted to tell her for a long time and when I heard them from her I couldn’t control myself. I kneel down infront of her and taken the ring from my pocket and said ” No I want you to give me permission to stay in your life forever, I always wanted to propose you but I couldn’t get the right time for it. I am sorry that I am late.”
While listening to my words she started crying and jumped on me from her wheel chair and hugged me tightly and started crying again.
It was my most memorable moment of my life and afterwards when I opened her gift box there was a hand knitted scarf and a letter which said ” I love you “

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