Finding my own way ( Chapter 10 )

Chapter 10: A day with Yukina.

“Hey Akira, why don’t you try to remember it? the memories which you want to forget”.

“Why am I dreaming about this again?”

” Don’t you think it will be better if you remember them “.

It is the same person in my dreams who is talking with me.

“I am thinking of forcing you to remember everything, I just want you to suffer just the way you made other people to suffer, I want you to enjoy it”.

I was bursting out with anger ” What the hell, what wrong did I done to you and to anyone else and why I need to suffer?” I went near her and I was about to grab her but then my alarm clock rang and I woke up from my bad dream.

“What the hell, why do I always get these type of dreams”.

I was so excited and was getting ready for going out with Yukina as she invited me to go shopping with her.

“Ah I am so happy, I am finally going out with someone else other than Reiko and Momo”.

Yukina was standing near the station and was waiting for me.

” Yukina!!!!! Sorry I am late, my dad’s office was on the way so he insisted to drop me till hear, he may say that but he is actually worried that I might get lost somewhere “.

” It’s ok, well every father is like that, they just like to dot their children ” Yukina said that with a smile on her face.

“By the way Yukina where are we going?” I asked her as I don’t know where she was taking me.

“Last time I saw a cute dress in the mall and I really want to purchase it so first we are going to the mall then we gonna visit the Tokyo tower” as she was telling me she grabbed my hand and we both started running with a huge smile on our faces.

Our shopping was done and next we headed over to Tokyo tower.

“Tokyo tower ha, it’s been ages since I last came here” I was looking outside with some sort of comfort and relaxation.

“Well I will come to this place every year, it’s my dad’s favorite place and he tells me that he even met mom here for the first time so for every anniversary they make sure to visit this place and when was the last time you visited this place Akira?”

“I really don’t remember it, looks like I was very small when I came here as my dad is a busy person he used to barely take time for us but when he is on leave or has some free time from work he won’t leave us alone, he makes sure to stick with us from morning to evening”.

“Awww is that so, looks like you got a sweet family” Yukina smiled at me and suddenly pulled my hand “Hey look isn’t the outside view wonderful and look, the people really looks like ants from here”

As I looked down I don’t know why but my head started spinning and I was about to faint.

“Akira are you alright? What happened to you suddenly” I can really see that Yukina was worried about me “I am alright I think I was about to faint as I didn’t eat anything” Yukina suddenly got angry at me and said “Haven’t I told you to eat something when we finished our shopping, but you said you don’t feel like eating anything”.

” Yukina” someone called Yukina and we both looked at him. He was a boy of our age and he was waving towards Yukina. I was about to ask Yukina about him but I observed that she became serious and ran towards him.

Who it might be?” I thought to myself and I was observing both of them.

They both were talking seriously about something and that person pointed his finger towards me and suddenly Yukina saw that I was watching them and gave a smile to me and slapped his hand.

What they might be talking about? and why is he pointing his finger towards me? There were so many questions which were running towards me.

He left and Yukina came towards me sighing.

” Who was he?” I couldn’t control myself and asked her.

“He was my friend from middle school and we always used to fight with each other and even now we are in between a quarrel and he apologized me but I am not gonna accept it”. She kept a pouting face and we both started staring outside again.

It was evening and I got a call from my father and he said that he is coming to pick me up near the station.

” Well, it looks like we need to go now as it is getting late”.

My father came to pick me up and even Yukina boarded the train.

“Dad, don’t you think you are being over protective?”

“I am like this because I love you so much and I don’t want you to get lost or get hurt some where”.

” Dad stop treating me like a kid”.

“Tell me that after 50 years, no matter how old you are, you are always a little kid to me and by the way your mother texted me, she asked me to bring ice cream for dessert”.

” Then I want chocolate flavor “.

” Hai, your Majesty “……….

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