Why writing a Schedule never works for me?

Well if you are following my blog you can see that I am inactive for some days. Well mostly so many days.

I am a type of person who likes to spend some time for myself and I like to write blogs during that time but what to do people just likes to take my time. I couldn’t help but spend time with them as they are precious to me. I really love it when they complain about not spending time with them. It shows how much they love me. I am a working women and I hardly gets some time for myself and in that time I need to manage everything. Recently I am even writing some stories, collaboration and practicing drawing and painting. I am doing so much of multi tasking which is making me crazy but I am loving it. I thought of making a schedule for myself and follow it. So I created a schedule and I started following it and it was good for two days and then it got messed up. It’s not the first time for me. It happens to me all the time and when ever it happens I feel very bad. So I decided not to follow any schedule and do what I want and go with the flow but not to neglect anything which I want to do.

So I prefer it’s better to not to write schedule and just try to do everything when ever I get some time.

If you are also having trouble in following your schedule it’s fine just try to do when ever you get time but make sure not to neglect what you want to do.

Signing off


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3 thoughts on “Why writing a Schedule never works for me?

  1. I am the same. There’re various ways to do. But sometimes I set my schedule too so I can make it in time.

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  2. I kind of can’t function without scheduling things so I really like having a guide as to what I’m going to write/watch/do and when. That doesn’t mean I don’t move things around as needed, but at least I start each day feeling like I have a plan.

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    1. It is really a good thing. I wish I am like that 😅

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