Violet Evergarden ( Episodes 12 and 13 ) I just don’t want it to end.

Ahhhhhh, the last two episodes of this amazing anime and I am going to miss this a lot. Well I am just going to be honest I didn’t cried much while watching these episodes like I cried while watching previous ones but my eyes were filled with tears when Violet was writing a letter to Gilbert in the end for the Air show.

I thought Dietfried hates Violet but I think he kind of felt guilty for turning her into a war tool, I mean he could even killed her even if he wanted to but he didn’t. I felt like he wanted to keep her alive like a memento of Gilbert and he also wanted her to live like a human and not like a tool. Whatever it may be I am just happy that Violet decided to move on by keeping Gilbert in her heart. I just wanted to know whom she saw in the end and got surprised. I just want more of this anime as I really love it…….

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