Father’s day special ( My Favorite Anime Fathers )

Happy Father’s day.

So Happy father’s day to all the amazing fathers out there. I know I am kind of  late but I was working on a project and I am also doing a collaboration with another blogger and the details will be updated soon ( I just can’t wait for it ). As the father’s day was yesterday I decided to post a blog about my favorite anime fathers or fathers in the anime. So here we go.

  • Shikaku Nara   ( Naruto )

I am just going to be honest, he is one of my favorite character and the coolest dad out there. When everyone told to avoid Naruto, he was the only one who said Shikamaru to be a friend of Naruto and not only that he showed how a real father should be.


  • Shiro Fujimoto  ( Blue Exorsit )

Who says you will be a father only if you give birth to them. Shiro is a good example for it. Even though they are children of Satan, he turned them into human without abandoning them.Father-fujimoto

  • Hana ( Tokyo Godfathers )

I know what you are thinking ” Why Hana?” I would say “why not”  even though it is only for one day Hana showed both of his mother side and father side in this movie.


  • Minato Namikaze ( Naruto )

Another one of my favorite from Naruto ( literally everyone are my favorite ). He would have been a great father if he would have alive.


  • Fujitaka Kimimoto ( Cardcaptors Sakura )

Even though he is a busy person he always make sure to spend time with his children and he is cool.


  • Joichiro Yukihara ( Food wars )

He is both father and rival to Soma, instead of spoiling him he wanted to teach him how the world works in his own way.


So these are my favorite anime fathers, so what are yours.

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1 thought on “Father’s day special ( My Favorite Anime Fathers )

  1. I love Shiro as a dad

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