Violet Evergarden ( Episodes 10 and 11 ) I just can’t stop crying…

Episodes 9 and 10 will hit you hard with the feels. All the episodes are on one side and these two episodes are on the other side. Seriously I was literally controlling my tears, I don’t understand just why this anime is making me to cry so much.

Well I am really loving the way how Violet is shown in these episodes.

In episode 10 we can see how a mother writes 50 letters to her daughter in order to deliver one letter a year to her for 50 years after her death. I even love the way how this episode was ended unlike just ending up showing Ann mother’s death but they even showed how she received the letters every year and how she felt after reading a letter every year.

When it comes to episode 11 I love the way Violet decided to help a solider even though he is in front battle line. Even this episode made me cry a lot, I was happy that no one was their beside me when I was crying. That ending scene where she literally cried telling that she was unable to protect him wanted me to hug and say it’s not your fault.

Well I literally love these episodes and I am even feeling sad that there are only two more episodes left..

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