Violet Evergarden ( Episodes 8 and 9 ) Violet and Gilbert.

If you haven’t cried enough then get ready to cry more as episodes 8 and 9 make your tissue boxes empty.

These two episodes are mainly focused on the past of Gilbert and Violet, like how Gilbert met her and how did she lost her hands and why did Hodgins hide the truth about Gilbert’s death from Violet.

I really loved the way Gilbert treated her, even though his brother gifted her to him as a war tool he always treasured her and gave her a name Violet. We can literally see that he felt guilty for using Violet as a war tool and loved her untill the end and he tried to protect her by risking his own life.

We can see Violet as full-fledged human when see comes to know about Gilbert’s death. I really felt bad the way she got broken down and don’t know what to do. Violet wanted to find the answer for her existence. She thought there is no meaning of her existence untill she receive a letter from Iris and Erica who were worried about her. Violet comes to know how she can cover up her burns by becoming an optimal doll and change other people’s lives.

I just can’t wait to see more episodes of it as this anime is so beautiful……

Violet Evergarden ( Episodes 1 to 3 ) The feelings on a letter.

:Violet Evergarden ( Episodes 4 and 5 ) The letters of love.

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