Violet Evergarden ( Episodes 6 and 7 ) Episodes which are filled with tears.

Episodes  6 and 7 are so beautiful. They are heartwarming and tear jerking at the same time and these both episodes mainly focused on heart breaking and sad past.

When it comes to episode 6 I can see that Violet is becoming more and more beautiful and can see that she is turning from an emotionless doll to a human who shows some emotions. I love the way she opposes the comments given by the staff against her client Leon and the visuals though they are so beautiful. I can clearly say that Leon has feelings for Violet but couldn’t tell her because she told that she has someone who is precious to her and I kind of felt bad for him.

Episode 7 focuses on playwright who lost his daughter and was unable to write anything and even this episode is so beautiful and we can see more emotions shown by Violet. I felt bad for Oscar when I heard his story. I last scene in this episode is the highlight of this episode, the way Violet jumps from one end to the other end of the lake is so beautiful. I thought of taking a screen shot of it and save is as my wallpaper 😛

As I said earlier this two episodes mainly focused on heart breaks one by their parents and one by their children. So make sure that you carry a tissue while watching these episodes.

Violet Evergarden ( Episodes 1 to 3 ) The feelings on a letter.

:Violet Evergarden ( Episodes 4 and 5 ) The letters of love.

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