My son is a Vampire ( Chapter VIII )

Chapter VIII: Kein and Eli

“Hey master, can you tell me where are we going, we are just walking and walking from the evening and I think it’s been 3 hours and you are not even saying anything”.
” well I am sorry that I am making you to walk, as we cannot ride cart we left no choice so bear it for sometime we are just near our destination”.
“It’s fine, my legs don’t hurt or anything but it would be great if you tell me where are we going I just can’t bear this suspense anymore”.
” Well do you remember I have told you about my friend Kein, he invited me to his house to talk about something so we are just going there, is this information enough? “
“What are you going to talk about is it a secret?”
“Yes, a secret which you should not know, so keep your nose out of it, well here we are ‘the mansion of Kein’ “.
It was a huge house with so many windows which are cracked and it looks like it may fall down easily if a storm comes.
“Rather than a mansion it looks like an old house which can destroyed easily”
“Well it used to be a beautiful house 100 years ago and when compare to our place it looks far better ,isn’t it?”
The place where we stay is a small house which is half destroyed, you can say that only the front part of it is stay able.
” What do you say Gilbert want me to search a place like this? “
“No,thank you I can choose a place for us”.
” Really, OK now let’s go in”.
Knock…… Knock
“Hey Kein it’s me Victor, I have come to see you”.
The sound of the foot steps were heard inside the house.
” Coming….. “ the door was slowly opened and a young girl who is also a Vampire most probably around my age opened it.
“Hello, Uncle Victor nice to meet you, it’s been a long time and I think we have an another guest and may I know who it might be?”.
” Sorry for my late Introduction my name is Gilbert Roosevelt, nice to meet you “.
” Nice to meet you too, come in, Uncle Victor father is Waiting for you in his room”.
“Well thank you Eli you sure are such a nice girl and you are grown a lot when compared to the last time, you look more like your mother, well then I am going to leave Gilbert to you just make sure to keep an eye on my boy”.
” Hey I am not a kid and I can take care of myself you just go ahead and do your work “.
” Well well fine”.
Victor went to Kein’s room and Eli brought me a glass of blood to drink. She kept it infront of me and when I was about to say no she said “Don’t worry this is an animal blood you can drink it with out any hesitation and by the way I haven’t introduced myself right my name is Eli and I am an aristocrat“.
” Aristocrat?.”
“Yes, an Aristrocat which means I am half Vampire and half human, well the story is my father is a Vampire and my mother is a human”.
” Really, it’s amazing where is she right now? “
“She died when I was five years old” by saying that Eli became silent.
“I am sorry, I shouldn’t have asked”.
” No, it’s fine, you asked about her because you didn’t know”.
“May I ask how did she die?, you can only say if you are comfortable”.
” Well, you can say that it is completely my fault, my mother was the daughter of a Shepard, my dad makes different types of medicines, he mainly wants to invent a medicine which will not kill a Vampire even though he is stabbed with a sliver thing in his heart but he failed though, one day when he was on his search for herbs he saw my mother as my mother was beautiful he fallen in love with her in first sight, he always used to say that it was really hard for him to make my mother fall in love with him but in the end she did and even though it was very hard for her but in order to live with my father she created her fake death so that this world thinks that she is dead and she can stay with my father. My mother became pregnant after 10 years of their wedding and my father says that she was very happy about it and as the time flew she was unable to eat anything and became sick and that’s when my father started worrying, he researched about it and found out that if a human gives birth to a Vampire child the human will die and the child itself kills the mother when it is in her womb so my father was against it and in the end he even told her that he will turn her into a Vampire but she refused telling him that these 11 years which I spent with you gave me a 1000 years of happiness and I always wanted to give you a child. Kein, promise me that you will take a good care of our child”.
When I listened to what Eli said I remembered my own mother like how she protected me “Mothers are really amazing”.
” Yes they are after giving me birth she went into coma for 5 years, it was dad who used to create so many medicines so that she can live but it was of no use she died in the end, even though it was my fault father says it is his own fault for not protecting her but I still remember how much hard work he used to do in order to make her stand on her feet for one more time”.
“It must be really hard for both of you”. As we both were talking Victor and Kein both came to the hall.
” Hello Gilbert, nice to meet you my name is Kein Walton and my daughter might have introduced herself to you her name is Eli and she is one year older than you , I have heard a lot about you from Victor make sure to get along with my daughter there is no one she knows who is near her age, hey why don’t you two join us for dinner tonight and you can also stay here tonight as you both came from a far place it will be great if you take some rest here”.

We both agreed to it and joined them for dinner……..

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