My son is a Vampire ( Chapter VII )

Chapter VII: In the Vampire Castle

In the Vampire Castle

“Master I have arrived from the mission and it is successfully completed”.

” Well done Roy, I know that you are capable of doing it alone” said by great Vampire King known as Edward who was playing chess with his advisor.

“Well I also thought that you would take help from Victor, you are keeping an eye on him don’t you?”

“Well yes Master, I just can’t leave him alone, we don’t know when he will turn his back on us completely”.

” He won’t Roy he is just upset of what happened, and he will definitely return to me his master in the end so you don’t need to worry about it, remember that time when he was turned into a Vampire? He didn’t want to kill humans for blood, haha I thought it was funny like how he killed people for no purpose but when it comes to satisfy his own desire he says no but atlast he didn’t left with a chance but need to turn into a monster for satisfying his desires”.

“Yes it was going good and he even became our most powerful weapon but it all went wrong when he met that woman, if he didn’t have met her he would have been with us right now”.

” Even I felt surprised when I found about that, being a Vampire I never thought that he would have human feelings, we mainly desire for blood and all other feelings comes next but he gave a top priority to a feeling called love which we should never have otherwise it will make us weak, but make sure that he won’t go in a wrong way and always keep an eye on him, he is a precious tool for my big mission and I don’t want to lose him so be careful “.

“Yes Master, I will make sure to always keep an eye on him”.

By saying that Roy left the room and the king and his advisor continued playing chess…..

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