My son is a Vampire ( Chapter VI )

“Gilbert just listen to me carefully, if ever I get attacked or killed I would like you to go to Kein, he is a old friend of mine and he will definitely gonna help you”.

“You are strong Victor and I don’t think you will get killed, you are an amazing person”.

After listening to my words Victor gave a smile and patted my head.

” let’s go for a hunt Gilbert, you must be tired of training aren’t you?”.

“Yes I am, hey while hunting will you tell me about yourself, after what happened just now I want to know more about you,so will you tell me about yourself?”

” Hahahaha, My story is not that interesting, instead of mine why don’t you tell me yours”.

“But I have already told you mine 5 years ago did you forget about it?”

“Well, no but I want to know more in detail so tell me”.

” Well fine, My father is the great King Eins Roosevelt and my mother is the Queen Erica Roosevelt. I heard that my mother is not a princess but an ordinary woman with whom my father has fallen in love with when he saw her for the first time. I don’t know what happened afterwards but they have married and I was born after one year of their marriage. I was mostly raised by the maids and my tutors rather than my parents. My father was always busy with the kingdom and my mother used to be ill most of the time but one thing I used to know that my mother is a great woman and she used to be strong. There were so many things which happened, my father never let me near him and he always used to be strict. The kingdom used to call him the kind king who understands everyone’s problems and help them unlike my great grandfather and grandfather. He was not a greedy king and I always wanted to look at him. I want to be a great king just like my father but I don’t know why when it comes to me and my mother he treats us in a cold manner, I feel like he is strict with me because he wanted to make me a proper king but I really hate the way he treats my mother, As I told you before he used to beat her like a dog and he never treated her like a human, no matter how much pain she is in she never used to say anything bad about my father nor she complains about him and she always says me that he loves me the most but I want to know in what way. I used to sense the fear in my mother’s eyes when ever my father comes near her”. 

“Looks like a typical family, your mother must have went through a lot”. He said those words and became silent.

“Victor, look a sheep, let’s just go and catch it”.

“You are telling it like you saw a tiger, well whatever let’s just catch it”.

My heart was always empty by the way my father used to treat me, I always wanted to do so many things with my father but couldn’t and right now I feel like these are fulfilled by Victor and I hope that I stay like this with Victor for ever……..

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