Butlers: Chitose Momotose Monogatari ( Episodes 1 and 2 ) Welcome to the world of butlers.

An anime about butlers and it is quite good. I am not going to say that this is amazing and stuff as I felt that episode one is boring. It didn’t show anything except the introductions of characters. In episode one we can see that J who is the school president has a past which is not clearly shown and wants to find a person named Hayakawa. He finds in him in the end and we will come to know that they both are butlers to a priestess and J is not only a butler but also her brother.

When it comes to episode two I kind of like it when it comes to episode one. All the Ikemen in this anime dressed up as butlers and serve tea to the customers in a cafe and belive me they look so cute and good. On the other hand we can see  J’s past. He travels from the past to the future and he is picked up by the head master who researched  everything about him and not only J even Hayakawa travels from past to future and something happened which they both want to know.

Overall I am ok with this anime. This seems fun and boring at the same time, so let’s see what happens next.

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