Violet Evergarden ( Episodes 4 and 5 ) The letters of love.

Episode 4 and 5 are really beautiful one and mainly episode 5 it was done wonderfully.

In episode 4 we can see how beautiful Violet is, the way she bows in order to treat Iris parents is really beautiful the bow itself says how elegant she is.I really like the way Iris tells her feelings to Violet, even if she tells about to her mother she doesn’t get mad at her but she realises her mistake and write apology letters to each and everyone who attends her birthday party.


In episode 5 I really love the concept of it. The writing of letters between the prince and the princess of two kingdoms even though it was written by dolls. My only concern was about their ages. I know 10 years gap is not a big deal but I am not talking about the gap but their current ages she is just 14 and he is 24. I mean wouldn’t it have been great if she was at least 16 or 18 and that was my only concern. Seriously our feelings go through if we write exactly what we think and open up ourselves and Violet did a great thing in this matter and who says she is an emotionless doll. I even love the way the princess treats her maid like her mother and cries at the end, it really touched my heart and I have even teared up a little bit.


When I like both the episodes, the way they have taken the concept of love. One is love of a family and another is love of a couple and a little bit of love between the maid and the princess, they both looked like a mother and daughter to me. I really enjoyed this episodes though and I can’t wait to watch more of them.

Violet Evergarden ( Episodes 1 to 3 ) The feelings on a letter.

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