My son is a Vampire ( Chapter V )

Chapter V: Clashing of swords

As usual we were having our training going on. In order to become stronger I asked Victor to train me. Even though he refused at first but he agreed to it after I requested him so many times and did all the things he wanted me to do. I was happy that Victor was taking my training seriously and teaching me so many techniques. As we were immersed in our training suddenly something came towards as fast as a lighting and attacked Victor.

“It’s been a long time Victor, how are you? I missed you my friend”.

Both Victor and that person started fighting, the sounds of clashing of swords were so loud and strong. I wasn’t able to understand what was happening.

“I don’t remember ever calling you my friend, you just annoy me, just get lost from here Roy”.

They both stopped fighting and started starting at each other.

” I really missed you Victor, the way we used to fight our enemies and the way we used to serve our king, I have never imagined that I will find you again after you left us”.

“Don’t mess with me I know that you have never let your eyes off me, you must have hired someone to keep an eye on me and after all this years you came to me because you need something from me”.

“Hahahaha, you are brilliant, the way you know about everything makes me to praise you more, well it’s correct that I came near you because I have a request”.

” I told you that I am not gonna do anything which you say a long back”.

“Even though the request is from our great king?, have you forget that because of him you are still alive”.

By saying that he gave a serious look at me and started coming towards me.

“Who is this kid by the way, is he your son? No wonder he looks like you”.

” No he is not my son, and in what way he looks like me, I just picked him up and made him into a Vampire when he was about to die”.

“Really, the same way the Vampire King saved you”.

” Hey kiddo you were saved by Victor right, so if Victor needs your help will you help him?”.

“Of course as long as it is not evil”.

“Hahahaha, are you sure he is not your son?, he is just like you, even you used to be like that when you were with us”.

” How many years its been since you became a Vampire? “

“5 years”.

” Hmmm, 5 years so you are just at your beginning stage, don’t worry as the years pass on you will slowly loose your human touch, even Victor used to be like you but afterwards he became a monster who is afraid by everyone”.

“Whose fault do you think that is? Don’t worry I won’t let Gilbert to turn into a monster like the king did to me, I will make him not to loose his human touch”.

Roy gave a serious glare to Victor and in a loud voice he said ” Don’t forget that you were just a pet to the King, even though you betrayed him he didn’t do anything to you, you should be happy for that, if he becomes angry you know what will happen right? So be in your limits and Victor I will be always watching over you, if I sense a single trouble from you I will kill you”.

By saying that he left and I took a deep breath and I saw that Victor was lost in his thoughts. I wonder what happened in his past…..

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