My son is a Vampire ( Chapter IV )

Chapter IV: How I turned into a Vampire ( Victor’s part )

“What’s with the way you swing your sword, you are really bad at it”.

I was having my training with Victor. I don’t know why but sometimes he really treat me like a good friend. Even I feel happy when ever we do this sword training. I really wanted to do this with my father but he always kept his distance from me and now I feel like it is fulfilled by Victor. I wonder how he turned into a Vampire.

” Let’s stop the training for today and let’s go and have our food “.

” Hey Victor, I want to ask you something”.

“How many times should I tell you that servants should not question their masters”.

“I really don’t care I just want you to answer my question, What is your age?”

Victor gave me a glare for sometime and answered me “I am one hundred and fifty years old”.

” Wow it must be great to survive this long, even I want to live that long”.

“You will you stupid, we are vampires an immortal souls who will never face death until we are stabbed by a silver thing in our hearts and by the way what’s fun in living this long? The people whom you used to see dies before you and it will take a lot of time to find someone interesting, instead of turning into one don’t you think it is better to be a human?”

“Hey Victor how did you turned into a Vampire?”

Victor was unable to avoid his question as Gilbert was looking very interested in this matter “I used to serve your great grandfather. I was know as a hero at that time, one day a war suddenly broke out, it was your great grandfather who wanted to start a war in order to conquer Cliffton a kingdom which was famous for its gold mines and which used to be our neighbor kingdom but currently became part of Arvis. That war was a nightmare for me as I don’t even know how many people I have killed in that war. I was fighting continuously for three days,my body was covered with blood and bruces and I was about to faint then I saw my surroundings it was covered with the dead bodies of my comrades and enemies and I thought to myself what did I even got from this war? So many people died, some for their kingdom and some for just satisfying their king’s greed, I don’t know how much time did I laid down in between them then suddenly a huge creature appeared infront of me and said I told my comrades to wait until everyone dies so that we can have feast but you haven’t died yet, seems like you are a strong person and I want to make you mine it was a Vampire and that to the leader called ‘Vampire King‘ people used to say that they do all bad things if they were provided with food and they support the kingdom which provides them all kinds of luxury. He soon started to make me drink his blood and with in a low time I turned into one”. 

“It must be really hard for you, what about the Vampire king aren’t you serving him right now”.

” I will answer these questions for you next time, right now I am feeling so hungry so now come on and let’s have something “.

As Gilbert was also feeling hungry both went to have their food….


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