3D Kanojo: Real Girl ( Episodes 4,5,6 ) Hikaru has a lot of inferiority complex.

As the episodes are going by I can only see that the main lead as so much of inferiority complex. Even Iroha says that she loves him and she doesn’t really care about others he still thinks that he is not suitable for a beautiful girl like him and says that she can really leave him if she wants to. I really wanted to punch him so hard I mean how much inferiority complex does he even have. Iroha did a good thing by being mad at him he should definitely know what he did.

And on the other hand I really hate this new guy named Mitsuya Takanashi he really thinks himself as superior to everyone. Even though he has his eyes on Iroha it doesn’t mean that he can do anything he wants to Hikaru. I really felt bad when Hikaru was out casted by the entire school because of a stupid prank played by him. Well I liked the way both Ito and Iroha stood up for Hikaru. Even though Mitsuya felt guilty about what he did he should have accepted his mistake in front of everyone and not only before Hikaru’s friends and family and Iroha did a great thing by rejecting him.

On the other hand I like this new girl name Sumie Ayado, she is cute and she is just like Hikaru and she might even been interested in him and I hope their closeness doesn’t effect their relationship.

3D Kanojo: Real Girl ( Episodes 1 to 3 ) My first impressions.

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