Watamote ( Should I cry or laugh while watching this anime? )

Watamote the short form for No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular! is an anime which shows the daily live of Tomoko Kuroki who believes that she will become popular when she enters into the highschool but becomes an unsociable loner.

This anime is supposed to be a comedy but in between it will hit you right in your feels. I feel like most of the things in this anime relates to me, I have friends but very few and I am unsociable. I try my best to fit into the crowd but I feel like I don’t fit with the crowd. I mean to say there are so many scenes in this anime which mostly relates to me. I mean I still remember how I used to sit alone when I was in school, I never had any friends and my classmates used to think that I am a weird person, well it never bothered me. But when it comes to this anime I felt like I need to give a tight hug to Tomoko when she was left alone by all his classmates. Well even though not in school but I made sure to earn some friends outside the school, the people who likes me the way I am. I didn’t put any effort for earning them but I was just the way I used to be and they liked me anyway. Well keeping my personal stuff aside this anime brings lots of emotions, this anime shows the reality, it even makes us to think that it may be our fault that we are unable to mingle with others. There are so many scenes which cracked me up and so many scenes which teared me up but one thing for sure this anime has touched all our weak points. In each and every episode I just wanted a happy ending for Tomoko but no the writer wanted to play with our hearts and till the last episode I was just waiting for Tomoko to have a happy ending but no the writer wanted to play with our feelings. The episodes where Tomoko’s friend Naruse have a huge make over from a goofy girl to a hot/beautiful girl but still likes to hang out with Tomoko made me happy, I love you Naruse. So overall if we watch this anime we can see clearly  that this anime shows the reality of how an unsociable people suffer in this society and by adding a touch of comedy. I really recommend each and everyone to watch it.

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