My son is a Vampire ( Chapter III )

Chapter III: My father named Eins Roosevelt.

After five years of that incident

“Yeah!!!!! atlast I caught a tiger, master come and look I caught a tiger this time”.

“Well congratulations! It is really fun to see the expressions on your face when you catch your prey, at least you were able to catch a tiger this time. I still remember how you used to hesitate for killing a goat before”.

“I decided to get stronger little by little”.

” Getting stronger for what? in order to kill a dinosaur? For your information they extinct a long time ago “.

“No, I want to get stronger in order to take revenge for my mother’s death, I want to kill those vampires who killed her”.

Victor started talking in a serious voice ” Revenge for your mother’s death ha, by the way I always listen to you talking about your mother what about your father? I remember you telling me that he saved you and your mother by risking his life looks like a very good father to me so why don’t you ever talk about him?”

“Looks like you are curious about my father? Well I don’t mind talking about him so listen carefully my dear master the true form of my father”.

” My father the great king Eins Roosevelt was a kind king and that to only infront of the people of the kingdom. For my childhood he never treated me as his son he always made me realize that I am the next king, he used to be very strict, I don’t remember a single time when he took me near him and had a fatherly talk. He was more cruel towards my mother and I don’t know the reason why, one day as I was unable to sleep I thought of going to my mother’s room as I thought that my father was out of the kingdom. As I went near the room I heard the screams of my mother who was in pain, as I was worried a took a look and my father was beating like anything. I can literally see the blood which was flowing from her body but I couldn’t stop him because I was scared. I don’t know how but my mother used to cover her wounds by applying makeup and by wearing long sleeve gowns, no matter what see always used to keep smile on her face and used to sit silently beside my father “.

” Your mother must be a strong woman? Bearing everything silently”.

“She is and no matter how he treated us she always used to say your father loves both you and me”.

Suddenly I incident of my father’s death came to mind ” You know, even though he was demon he made sure to protect us by risking his life, I still remember his last words, he apologized to me saying that he couldn’t be a good father and he even apologized to my mother for the way he treated her”. 

Gilbert suddenly lost in his thoughts and said ” He said to mother that she is so strong as she couldn’t became his until the very end even though he treated her like that, I don’t know what he meant though, well it’s in the past I wanted to know how my mother felt after he died, I mean he treated her in a cruel way”.

As I said everything I looked at Victors face and I can see even he lost in his thoughts and suddenly said ” Hey I am hungry if your story is done I would like to have some blood so now hurry up”.

I still don’t know what my father ment by his words and still now one part of me wants to know about it………

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