Violet Evergarden ( Episodes 1 to 3 ) The feelings on a letter.

In episode one we can see that Violet is in a hospital writing a letter to his Major or superior telling about her current status about her health and how she wants to join him in his next mission then her other superior Claudia Hodgins comes and visits her telling that she is discharged from the hospital and on Gilbert’s ( Major ) wish that she should spend her life with one of his relatives but Violet refuses it by saying that she can help them in one or the other way. Soon after Claudia takes her to his postal company and tell her to work over there.

In episode 2 we can see that Violet starts working in the Postal company, first she works in the delivery department and then she wanted to work as an optimal doll who writes letters for the people who cannot write. At first see tries to learn how to type using a type writer and second she is seated beside the optimal dolls in order to know how to write a letter. Being an emotionless person Violet fails in writing a letter and gets complaints from the customer and soon after the people in the Auto memory doll suggests her to join a training academy for becoming an optimal doll.

In episode 3 we can see that Violet joined the training academy and did a good job on her first day by scoring perfect scores in typing and grammar and meets Luculia and on the second day she gets scolded because she is unable to convey the feelings of Luculia on the letter instead she writes it as a report. Luculia takes Violet to a clock tower where she shows her a wonderful view and on the next day Luculia gets graduated and Violet fails as she is unable to convey others feelings through letter and on the next day Luculia waits for Violet in the school and asks her what she wants to tell to the major so that she can write a letter to him but Violet was unable to tell anything then Luculia tells Violet that her parents have died and she stays with her brother right now and it is becoming hard to convey her feelings to his brother just like the way Violet is unable to convey her feelings to Gilbert.Unknowingly Violet writes a letter to Luculia’s brother and give it to him and on the next day Luculia brings Violet to the academy trainer and tells her that she is graduated as she is able to convey Luculia’s feelings to her brother.

Well I kind of loving this anime from the beginning and I am gonna love this anime till the end. Each and every episode is filled with lots of emotions. The parts of the past clearly says that Gilbert may be dead but Violet doesn’t know about it. She always says to everyone that she wants to become an optimal girl because she wants to know the meaning of I love you but I think she already knows the meaning of it but unable to understand it. Well I am going to continue watching this anime.

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