My son is a Vampire ( Chapter II )

Chapter II: The human which is still inside me.

I was surprised when I found myself turned into a Vampire and was so happy that I was alive and when I was looking around I found that the vampire who turned me into one staring at me “You are feeling stronger aren’t you? Well it all thanks to me who made you stronger, by the way my name is Victor and I want you to call me master as from today on you will serve me as my servant”

“Yes I remember it was the deal we made with each other when you turned me into a vampire and by the way my name is Gilbert, Gilbert Roosevelt, I would have been the next king to the kingdom Arvis if it existed”.

” Well Arvis became land of blood right now and not a single living thing is alive over there, wherever you go you can only see blood ” as he was saying that he started pouring some blood in a glass and I don’t know why but I started feeling hungry while looking at it.

“What, are you hungry? Do you want some blood? You know what, you can have it but you need to earn it. You just can’t take everything for free, you know how much hard it is collect this blood?”

“What’s hard in killing people and taking blood from them it must be like killing cockroaches to you. I still remember the way my mother got killed”.

” So you think that killing a human is easy? Hmmm, than go and collect some blood by yourself, as I want some fun even I will come with you “.

They both went out in order to collect some blood and while searching they went into a forest and saw a man who was cutting trees.

Gilbert look at the man who is cutting down the trees, he is your target so now go and attack him”.

I was hesitating to kill him but I was hungry and I left no choice but to attack him in order to satisfy my hunger so with out thinking anything I just ran towards him, when he was about to turn my side I got his neck and throwed him down. I can clearly see the terrified look on his face. Then suddenly a locket was dropped from his pocket and there is a photo of a woman on it. He tried to grab the locket with tears in his eyes as he would know that he will get killed. Just then I remembered my mother who sacrificed herself in order to protect me and the pain I went through after her death ” What the hell am I doing? Even this man will have a family and what will happen to them after his death? ” these were the thoughts which went through my mind and I removed my hand from his neck and told him to run as fast as he could. Then the man grabbed his locket and ran without turning back.

“Looks like you still have human touch in you, showing pity on your prey and leaving him, what you will do in order to satisfy your hunger now?”

I really don’t know, is it necessary to drink only human blood in order to survive?”

Victor gave a sarcastic smile and said “Well you can even drink animals blood also, there is no rule that you can only drink human blood, even the blood which I was drinking before is the blood of a sheep”.

” Really! then why haven’t you told me before? ”

Because I wanted to see how you can kill a human with your own hands”.

 I don’t know what to say about you anymore you look like a cruel person who enjoys when people suffer or a good person who thinks about people’s lives “.

“Well I have slaughtered so many people in order to live”.

” Then what made you to stop drinking human blood ?”

“I just met a person a long time ago and that person’s blood tasted horrible and from that time the decided not to drink anymore of it and started drinking animals blood”.

“Your reason looks stupid”.

” How dare you to call your own master stupid, now come and drink this blood which I brought with me take it as a bonus,afterwards I will teach you how to take blood from animals “.

“Hey can I ask you a question? Why did you saved me back then?”.

” Servants should not ask questions to their masters so now shut your mouth and drink the blood otherwise I will take it from you”.

“Yeah, yeah I will drink it silently”………

My son is a Vampire (Chapter 1)

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