Uchiage Hanabi, Shita kara Miru ka? Yoko kara Miru ka? ( Movie review )

Well I just don’t know where to start, I just watched this movie and my mind is totally messed up and it is all because of this movie, so I just going to talk about the story right now.

Well I am just going to the plot to Wiki

In the town of Moshimo, Norimichi Shimada and his friends, Yusuke, Miura and Jun’ichi live while harassing their teacher and the former half galvanising over the beauty of their classmate Nazuna Oikawa. Yusuke in particular speaks of confessing to Nazuna. However, Nazuna is poised to leave town. While not knowing this, the four make a bet regarding whether or not Fireworks look round or flat from the side.

Nazuna, on the day she is supposed to leave, picks up a small ball she finds pretty on her way to school. After school, she encounters Norimichi and Yusuke, both of which are on swimming duty. Challenging them to a race, the winner has to follow whatever she says, where Yusuke wins, and she asks him to meet her later. Returning home, her mother and father discuss whether leaving the town is a good idea, to which her mother claims ‘she has no friends’. Nazuna then changes into a Yukata and packs a suitcase, trying to leave home.

However, later, Nazuna meets Norimichi at the nearby hospital, where she remarks that she had wanted Norimichi to win. Hastily dragged away by her mother, Norimichi picks up the ball from earlier, and realises that Yusuke did not meet her. He meets the other three again, and in a fit of rage, throws the ball at Yusuke, inadvertently reversing time.

Time having reversed to when the swimming competition occurred, it is shown what would have occurred had Norimichi won. Nazuna meets up with him, where instead of running away, she attempts to get work at a nearby store.

Now I am going to start with my review. I feel like this anime is messed up, I mean there is a teacher who is ok with her sexual harassment, a boy who says that he likes the female lead but ends up ditching her when she invites him to watch fireworks with her. The female protagonist is messed up. In fact the entire story is messed up.

If you have some personal issues you need to deal it with yourself you should not pull other people into  it by telling them to take responsibility. I really felt my brain will  explode when I was watching this movie. Nazuna is a messed up girl who thinks who ever wins the race will be running away with her because her mother is getting married for the third time and Norimichi should think before he acts, what’s with him thinking of running away with her, I know that he likes her but he just can’t run away with her when he only spent his time with her for one day. I didn’t even get the ending, what will happen to Norimichi in the end does he go in order to search for Nazuna? I wish at least the ending was clear.

Well even if the story is crazy the animation is amazing. I need to give a huge thumbs up to the animators for this one. The character designs, the visual effects are so beautiful, It kind of reminded me of the movie Your name, I really felt bad for this movie though I was like so much of talent and money is wasted for this messed up movie and the one more thing I liked about this movie is the ending song, it is the only thing which I liked in this movie and after I heard the song I was like this movie don’t deserve this song.

My overall opinion on this movie is the story is crap, it will only give you headache, sometimes you feel like hitting Nazuna. The visuals and the ending song is amazing. I recommend only to listen to the ending song.

If I have to give rating to the movie I would give

4/10 for the story ( Even 4 is more )

10/10 for the visuals and sound track.

2 thoughts on “Uchiage Hanabi, Shita kara Miru ka? Yoko kara Miru ka? ( Movie review )

  1. I thought the visuals were pretty good too (as long as they didn’t apply the 3DCGI to the crowd), and agree with you on the music aspect. There’s actually a live-action version (it’s an oldie) of the same title, and its something I’ve been intending to view after the animated movie for some comparison or alternative understanding to the original story.

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    1. Even I thought of watching the live action movie but after watching it I am scared of watching the live action movie 😅😵

      Liked by 1 person

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