5 Anime which are converted into Drama

Well if you know me for a long time you that I don’t like watching live action adaption of anime or manga. I have a cousin who likes to watch dramas like J drama, K drama etc…. There were so many times when I tried to make her watch anime but couldn’t, the only anime she watched with me was Gakuen babysitters. After seeing her interest I recommended her some anime to watch but guess what she searched for dramas which were those anime adaptions. So here is the list of her five drama which were adapted from an anime.

  • Itazura na kiss:

I like this anime this anime was so interesting and this anime was so popular that it got adapted into so many languages like playful kiss in k drama and as Itazura kiss in J drama. I still remember how she was kept on talking about this drama. She even told me that the ending in the drama is completely different from the ending in the anime.


  • Ouran highschool host club:

My favourite anime of all the time. I was really suprised when she told me that it as a drama. The cast is


  • Wallflower:

This anime is hilarious as hell and even my cousin liked it but not more than playful kiss though.


  • Nondame cantabile:

This anime is famous for its music and if an anime becomes famous it will definitely turned into an adaption. My cousin liked the concept except the way the Chiaki treated Nondame.


  • Skip beat:

Well I really wish this anime has a season 2 as it is so good but instead of that they turned this into a drama. My cousin likes the heroine in this one.


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