3D Kanojo: Real Girl ( Episodes 1 to 3 ) My first impressions.


One day Hikaru Tsutsui an Otaku came late to school because he ended up watching a magical girl anime due to which he was given a punishment to clean the pool along with a girl named Iroha Igarashi who also came late. They both ended up cleaning up the pool and started a conversation where he got to know that she is not like how the people used to talk about her in school and he even rescues her when she was in trouble. Soon after Iroha confesses her feelings to him  but he rejects her first but afterwards Hikaru confess his feelings to her and she accepts him and tells him that she is going to transfer after 6 months


The first three episodes shows us how Hikaru and Iroha met and fall in love with each other and we can also see the other characters like Ito who is Hikaru’s one and only friend and Ishino who thinks Hikaru is weird but ends up helping him with his love issues.

Well my First impressions of this anime was like this ” What’s with their voices why do the main characters talk so dull” and again as I continue to watch it ” I think I kind of like this heroine, doesn’t Hikaru looks like Rei in some angles and I thought this anime will turn boring but it seems kind of interesting and I think I am going to continue watching it”. Well that is my first impressions of this anime. I really like the way Iroha treats Hikaru even though I felt like she is playing with his feelings at first but later on I felt that she is not cheating on him and the one more girl Ishino I thought she will turn out into a bad character but she is funny and kind at the same time and I even like her after Iroha. When Iroha told  about her illness to Hikaru and again told him that it is a lie my heart was like “I don’t think it is a lie”.Overall this anime seems interesting I don’t know why but I feel Like I need to make my heart ready before watching the next episodes.

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