The Anthem of the Heart (Movie)


Jun Naruse the main heroine of this movie who is a chatterbox always dreamt of being a princess in a castle which was on the hilltop in her town which is actually a love hotel. She always dream that a prince will come and take her to the castle. One day she found her father coming out of the hotel with an another woman. Being so small she didn’t know what was happening and told her mom about it and soon their parents got divorced and her father blamed her talkativeness for it. She cursed herself for it then an magical egg came in front of her and cruse her that if she talks again she will fell into a great despair so from then on when ever she tries to talk with someone she will get a stomachache.

In her second year of highschool Her homeroom teacher, Kazuki Jōshima, signs her up to Charity Committee members along with three other people: Takumi Sakagami, Natsuki Nito, and Daiki Tasaki. Going to the committee room to properly reject becoming a committee member, Jun hears Takumi singing and is captivated. She then tells Takumi of her past and requests him to turn her words into a song, thinking that the curse won’t apply if she’s singing.


I really like the concept of this movie. The way it shows how our words sometimes hurt others and at the same time how they save us from grief. This movie shows us that our heart is like an egg which will explode one day if we don’t convey what we want to say to others. Jun never wanted to talk to others as she felt that it is her fault that her parents got divorced, she thought that if she stopped talking she may keep everyone happy so she just imagined herself that an egg gave her a curse but it was all her hallucination which came from her sadness and she wasn’t able to consider it until the very end. My only concern with this movie is the Romance in it. I don’t think that the creators wanted to make this in to a Romance genre but something like a slice of life as I felt that this movie lacked Romance in it. Takumi never showed any sign that he was interested in Jun in a romantic way rather he just wanted to help her nor Daiki but Jun thought that Takumi had a romantic feelings towards her and when she over heard the conversation of Takumi and Nito she thought that everything was a lie which in fact wasn’t a lie. They cared her like a good friend, they thought she need some help to get over her fear, that’s why they agreed to do the musical so that it will help her. I didn’t like the way she even scolded Nito. Nito and Takumi has their own share of problems and there were no signs stating that Nito hated Jun. We can even assume it in another perspective also like she didn’t like the way they treated her like hiding their own problems and laughed for her and helped her.

Well in my opinion I think that this movie has so many ups and downs but with the concept the movie won my heart. I think the creators would have showed more clarity if they had turned this into a anime series rather than a movie but this movie is a must watch guys.

2 thoughts on “The Anthem of the Heart (Movie)

  1. I thought Jun’s narrow-minded perspective was contributed largely by her retreat from social interaction, and hence her inability to properly recognize people’s intents (and even misunderstanding them). It does get pretty edgy during the drama segments, though I did end up liking the movie overall too!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    1. Yes if we neglect that part we can enjoy watching this movie 😀


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