Finding my own way ( Chapter 9 )

Chapter IX : A boy named Shouta.

“Wait I thought you told me that you are a Otaku” Yukina asked me and was glaring at me without blinking an eye.

“Yes, I am”.

“In what way?” She was glaring at me continuously. It was just like if I don’t give her a proper answer she will burst out at me.

“Well I watch anime and read manga” I was answering while not looking her into the eye.

“Hey, Akira you know what! you can’t call yourself a Otaku if you just do that. Being an Otaku is more than that” the way she told me wanted me to run away from her as she was looking so scary.

Yukina went to her desk and was opening her bag.

“You know you are exactly not an Otaku. You just watch them like you watch normal television series because it removes your boredom. I think the only reason you are more attracted to it is because you are imagining yourself in it”

“Ehh, I am not imagining myself in anything” I replied to Yukina in a embarrassing voice.

“Well who cares as long as you enjoy watching it. But don’t tell anyone that you are an Otaku” Yukina said that in a deep voice. “I think I forgot my pencil case in arts club this morning” she kept on searching her bag.

“Yukina, you went to arts club this morning?” I asked her.

“Yup, I wanted to practice more so I went to arts club this morning and done some sketches, I think I really forgot my pencil case in arts class I will go and get it” as soon as Yukina stood up our class Representative came near her and asked for her help to bring subject materials to the classroom from the staff room.

“Hey Akira will you bring my pencil case from the arts club as I need to go the staff room”.

“Sure” I replied and started going towards the arts club.

“I never new Yukina would be mad at me over a thing, I remember telling me that even she was an Otaku, but never thought that she is such a big Otaku”.

“Ahh, well whatever I will never tell anyone that I am an Otaku, I will just tell them that I like watching anime” as thinking it to myself I opened the door of the arts club.

As soon as I opened it I saw Shouta sitting in front of a canvas and doing painting while looking at that beautiful art on the wall. He was so involved in it as he didn’t even hear someone entering the room. I know that it is a bad idea but I really wanted to see how he is painting that art so I slowly went behind him to take a look at the painting. As soon as I looked at his painting I was literally shocked as he was not doing the painting of the art which was on the wall he was doing something else.

I couldn’t control my thoughts so I thought of taking the pencil case and run to the classroom.

“Hey,you there what are you doing standing behind me” he looked at me with his cold eyes.

“Nothing I just wanted to take my pencil case” I was so scared that I didn’t even looked him in his eyes.

“Then take it and go you are disturbing me”.

Suddenly the door got opened and the club president Haru came in.

“Eh what’s happening, why are you in a bad mood Shouta?” He asked him with a gentle smile on his face.

“Nothing can’t you people just leave me alone, this room is becoming more and more annoying”.

“What’s with him, what if Haru gets angry with him?” I was literally thinking and looked at Haru and he was just laughing while looking at Shouta.

“Did you had a fight again with your sister?” Asked Haru.

“It’s none of your business, just get over her and why do you always ask me about her, you have her number right? just call her and talk with her”.

“I didn’t even asked about her” the smile on Haru’s face suddenly changed.”You know very well that I can’t talk with her, you always like to hit on my weak spot don’t you? “. He turned towards me and waved at me and left.

“You just don’t have common sense don’t you?, when two people are having a personal talk don’t you think you should leave” he again looked at me with his cold eyes.

As soon as he told me that I was literally controlling my tears and took the pencil case which was left by Yukina and ran towards the classroom.

I gave Yukina her pencil case and sat silently on my desk.

“You sure have taken a lot of time, what were you doing?” Yukina asked me.

His harsh voice was flowing in my mind and suddenly the tears started coming out of my eyes.

“What happened? did someone said something to you?” Yukina asked me. I can see that she was worried about me.

I wiped my tears and just said “Nothing, looks like something went into my eyes”

“Hey, Shouta said something harsh to you again didn’t he? He was there in the arts club when I went there for practicing” and she continued talking “I heard from some seniors in the arts club that he has a rough childhood and because of that he is like that, even though he is like that he helps others with their work when needed as he even helped me with my drawings in the morning”.

The Yukina who used to burst at him suddenly became silent when she was talking about him. Looks like he really has a soft corner.

“Yukina you know when I opened the door I saw him painting the art on the wall but when I suddenly looked at it, it was completely different and I was literally shocked”.

“Yeah, I heard that he only looks at it for inspiration, he challenged Haru that he will definitely make a painting which will replace the old one and that’s why he keeps on painting”.

“The way he was painting tells me that he will definitely reach his goal one as he paints wonderfully” I was again lost in my thoughts and the bell rang and the teacher entered in the classroom…….

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