My top 5 voice performances given by Natsuki Hanae.

Natsuki Hanae a voice behind different popular characters. When ever I search the voice actors behind my favorite character I seriously get surprised and Natsuki Hanae is one of those voice actors who suprised me with his voice.


  • Ken Kaneki ( Tokyo Ghoul/ Tokyo Ghoul:Re )

If you are a great fan of Tokyo Ghoul then you are also a great fan of Ken Kaneki. It amazing how the voice from a sweet guy is transformed into a serious badass person 😛


  • Kousei Arima ( Your lie in April )

This anime has taken me into a roller coaster of emotions and Arima is one of my favorite and even Natsuki is my favorite after watching this anime.


  • Yuta Hoshitani ( Starmyu )

Well if you know me you even know that I am a big fan of Starmyu. You won’t belive me but I was literally shocked when I saw that Yuta shares the same voice actress as Ken. Yuta is literally a air head and you all should listen the way he sings he is just amazing.


  • Food wars ( Takumi Aldini ) 

I just don’t want to say it one more time but I really like his attitude and I am glad that Natsuki was choosen for him.


  • Masamune Makabe ( Masamune kun Revenge )

Well  this anime didn’t win my heart as the voice actor did but who knows Natsuki voice has so many sides to it.


So these are my top 5 favorite voice overs/ performance of Natsuki Hanae, what is yours?


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