Finding my own way ( Chapter VIII )

Chapter VIII: In the morning.

“Hey Akira! You know you can never make friends, stop being so wishful, you think by wearing a mask of an innocent girl you can make so many friends? You think Reiko,Momo and Yukina will stay as your friends if they know what is your true nature?Well I don’t think so, just why don’t you remove your mask”

It was all in my dream. A girl wearing a long white frock with sleeveless hands is standing infront of me and telling me all of this. I wondered who it was and just wanted her to turn my side so that I can see her face. Just when I was about to turn her to my side my alarm rang.

“Again this dream ha! I wonder when will I stop getting this dream” I was talking to myself,got up from my bed and stood infront of my mirror.

“I don’t think I am wearing a mask, I am just being who I am” by saying that I took a deep breath and saw my clock and realized that I need to get ready for school as soon as possible.

“Akira, your breakfast is ready” my mom told me while keeping a plate of bread and omelet infront of me and my dad was just getting down from the stairs while yawning and sat infront of me on the dinning table.

“Dad, when did you came back from the business trip?” I asked him with a huge smile on my face as I was very happy to see him after a week.

“Well I came back at night, I thought of meeting you but you were already asleep so I thought of not to disturb you” he replied.

“Well how is the school going on? I heard from your mother that you made a new friend and you even joined a club, I was happy to hear that”. He asked me while giving a huge smile.

“Yeah it is great”.

“I hope you have a good school life, just enjoy it as it only comes once” while saying that my dad came near me and patted by head. I saw his face. Even though he was smiling his eyes showed me that he is worried about it.

“I will definitely gonna enjoy my highschool life” I said it with a huge smile so that my dad won’t get worried about me.

The door bell rings.

“Coming” my mom replied and went to open the door.

“Oh Reiko, Akira is having her breakfast, why don’t you come in and join us” my mom started taking with Reiko.

“Thank you for the invitation but I already ate mine and I will wait for Akira to finish hers” Reiko replied.

“I am done, sorry Reiko for making you wait” I was taking my bag and rushed to the door.

“Let’s go Akira”

“Yeah let’s go” I replied.

We two started walking and on the way we saw Momo who was already waiting for us. Momo joined us and we three went to school together…….

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