Finding my own way ( Chapter 7 )

Chapter VII : The painting on the wall.

I was feeling a little bit dizzy while walking towards the arts club and I don’t know why but some memories are trying to rush into my brain but they were unclear, I started walking slow and my heart is beating fast and my stomach was hurting. I don’t know why but maybe due to the nervousness of seeing that person again or maybe my fear of doing something which I will regret afterwards. As I entered in to the club I tripped and a person caught me and before I was about to say thank you I saw that person’s face and he is none other than the person who said my painting was lame.

“Are you alright?” He asked me.

“Yes” I replied.

“Good as you are in the way and people behind you are trying to enter the room” he said with his serious voice.

I don’t know why but my tears where trying to come out of my eyes but I controlled myself and said “I am sorry” and stepped aside.

“Akira are you alright” asked Yukina.

“Hey can’t you see that she didn’t do it knowingly, she must have not feeling well, can’t you talk a little bit nicer to her and you were like this with her yesterday too” Yukina talked as her anger was bursting out from her heart.

“As if I care it’s her own fault that she is week,now if you want to come inside just come in” he said with an arrogant voice.

Me and Yukina both went inside the room and I was looking at the paintings which were done by my seniors.

“Hello there” said a person who was standing in front of us.

“Sorry for this late Introduction, My name is Haru, I am in my third year and the President of this Arts club and the person who is standing here with a cold face is Shouta, he is in his second year and he is the vice President of this arts club. Sorry for this late Introductions as I was little busy yesterday”.

“So his name is Shouta ha” I was thinking and I was glaring at him and suddenly our eyes met and I turned my eyes away from him.

Everyone started doing their club activities. There is a fruits bowl infront of us and we were told to do sketch of it.

“So he is a Vice President, no wonder he criticized my painting without any hesitation. So what if my painting is lame ha, I will prove him that I will become good at it in a less time”.

“What’s your name dear?” the President suddenly came infront of me and asked me that question.

“Akira” I replied.

“Akira ha” he looked at me while giving a princely smile.

“What’s with him” I thought to myself.

“Well you know darling your sketch will become better it you change your style of catching the pencil” he started talking.

“Other person who is criticizing me” I was thinking that and crying inside.

“You know the art on the canvas reflects the heart of the artist and not only that the beautiful the art is the more it captures the people’s hearts who looks at it” by telling me that he showed me a painting on a wall which I didn’t observe before. The way it was painted was so beautiful. The art style was making me to embrace it. I would even say a lovely poem if I was a poet.

“It was painted by my senior when I was in my first year and it was only thing which made me to join in this club” he stopped talking and started looking at the painting and was lost in his thoughts. The way he was looking at the painting was so beautiful that it wanted me to look at him more and more.

“Well even now I couldn’t paint like that not even me no one was able to paint like her” he started talking suddenly.

“So everyone make sure you all try to achieve it if possible, that’s the only reason the arts club haven’t removed that painting from the wall even though she got graduated from this school” he said it and sat near a canvas in order to paint something.

“Can I even get closer to that?” I was looking at that painting and asked it to my self and started sketching again………..

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