Konohana Kitan: ( Episode 4 ) Raft Bridge of Dreams


Ren wakes up having a baby bump and blames Natsume that it is her fault that she is pregnant and Natsume tells her that she will take responsibility for it. Natsume opens her yukata and founds out that there is an egg attached to her body. Everyone tells her to take rest and Ren starts getting a bad dream which is again turned into a good one. When she wakes up she finds out that the egg is detached from her body and again it is attached to Satsuki and same happens with her than the egg hatches and a pig like creature comes out of it. And one more story is about a girl name Shino who died in a very young age and her mother dresses a doll which also changes Shino untill she becomes a woman.


Well the only part I liked in this episode is where Natsume takes responsible for Ren. I really laughed like anything. If I need to talk about the second part I feel that it was kind of rushed. Even though the concept was good they should have elaborated it more. Well overall it was a good episode.

Konohana Kitan: Episode 1 : A hotel called the Konohanatei.

Konohana Kitan: Episode 2 : A girl named Satsuki

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