Missions of love ( Manga Review )


Yukina a highschool girl who likes to stare at people for her cell/mobile novel references and due to her glare she was named as the snow women. One day she found out that the readers of her novel wanted her to write a Romance novel and Yukina doesn’t have any experience in love nor she has any love experience. So she decided to make her school council president Shigure to act as her lover. Shigure is a cool guy with a handsome face who is loved by everyone in the school. One day Yukina found his weakness and that is he writes a list of girls names who proposes him and a list of girls names whom he want to fall in love with him. Using that Yukina bosses around Shigure and makes him to do want ever she wants. After seeing this a guy named Akira who is Yukina’s cousin confesses his love to her. Will Yukina really fall in love with Shigure or she will fall in love with Akira whom does Yukina choose in the end???


Well I really like this manga. It has so many scenes in it which will make your heart beat go so fast. Sometimes I really wanted to hit Yukina for being dense and playing with both of them but you will eventually love her honesty as the manga goes by. I really love how the author ended the story. It was really good but as the story goes by the author mainly focused on Hisame who is Shigure’s little brother and Yukina’s relationship. The manga is like this you will love it at first and get little bored in middle and again love it in the end. So my overall review for this manga is that this manga may not be great but it is good and you will definitely get entertained by this.

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