Finding my own way ( Chapter 5 )

Chapter 5: On the way to the home.

“Ah, I can’t believe that my day has been ruined”. I thought to myself.

“What’s wrong? Weren’t you really active and desperate yesterday? What happened to you today?” Reiko asked me in a worried voice.

“Well today I found out that I am not very good at painting and it looks just like a painting which is done by a kid”.

“Hahahaha, you came to know about that today? We know about that a long time ago”. Momo said it by laughing continuously.

” Momo” Reiko hit Momo’s head and told her to stop laughing.

I was feeling so sad, I always thought that I am little bit better in some things and today I found out that I am good for nothing and with a sad voice I asked them.

“Hey, why you both always used to cheer me up and tell good things about my painting even though it is really bad?”.

“Hmmm, well because if we told you that your painting is bad from the beginning you would have just gave up in the middle”. Said Momo.

“Not only that every time when you draw something or paint something you just show it to us with a huge smile, which makes us to cheer you more even though we lied”. Reiko said those words to me by tapping my head.

“By the way, how did you come to know that your painting skills are bad?”asked Momo.

“Well I joined the arts club today”

“Wait you did what!!!!!” both of them asked me with a surprised look on their faces.

“Hehe, today I joined the arts club along with Yukina”.

Both Reiko and Momo were glaring at Akira.

“Well I refused her first but she forced me by telling that even she also knows how to paint and she wanted me to join the club along with her”.

They both continued to glare at her.

“I know, I know, I am sorry. I never joined any club even though you both forced me. But I was not good at any of them which you are good at and I couldn’t able to join any club by my own “.

“Hmmmm, I am thinking to meet this Yukina once”. said Reiko.

“Ah, really? I would definitely make her to meet you”. I said it with a cheerful smile on my face.

” Well coming to the point who is this person who should you the reality, I mean to say the one who told you that your painting was lame?” asked Momo with a sarcastic smile on her face.

“Well I don’t know his name but I was literally scared by looking at his face, he was so scary and I think he is a senior. But you know, Yukina came to my rescue”.

“looks like I need to meet this Yukina as soon as possible” said Reiko.

“You really love Akira don’t you?” asked Momo while giggling.

“What’s wrong with that, I just wanted to thank her for talking behalf of Akira, I know that our unsociable princess must have stood there without saying anything” said Reiko.

“Well he just look like a protagonist from the manga. He may looks strict but deep inside he cares for others. What if he falls in love with me and we both end up having a relationship? I am so excited”.

“Akira, stop reading to much manga, he may look strict from the outside and also strict from the inside and you would never know how that person will treat you” said Reiko.

“Why can’t my life be just like a Manga?” I thought it to myself and we three started walking silently………..

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