Finding my own way ( Chapter 4 )

Chapter 4: Joining the club

“Well which club are you going to join Akira?” asked Yukina.

“Well I don’t want to join any as I know I am not going to fit in them”

“Come on!!! You must be good at something other than reading manga or watching anime ” she asked me with a surprised tone.

” Well I like to paint and I can even bake cookies and make sweets ” I answered her by holding my cheeks and by a huge smile on my face.

” Really!!! then why don’t we join the arts club. Even I know how to paint and I decided to join it anyway ” Yukina said it in a joyful way.

“But, I will just mess up due to my uncomfortable way around people and because of me even you will get embarrassed” I told her in a worried manner.

“I will be alright and haven’t I promised you that I will give you a great highschool life so just come with me” by saying that she pulled me from my desk and took me towards the arts club.

We both filled up the application forms and joined the club.

“My first club activities, ahh I am so happy and my heart is feeling warm right now. Even though Reiko and Momo has forced me before to join the club I just refused them because I felt uneasy and they just joined separate clubs which I am not good at and I didn’t want to join the club where the members are complete strangers for me. But thank God that Yukina is there with me in this club which is making me at ease” I thought to myself while seeing Yukina who is at that same time looking at me and giving me a huge smile.

“You know your painting is little lame” It was a boy’s voice who is just standing behind me. With a scared look in my face I turned back and saw his face. He doesn’t look like a first year so I thought he maybe a senior.

“Do you even know the basics of painting? Your painting is like a kid’s one” he continued to criticize it and I just sat silently with my paint brush in my hand unable to understand what to do.

“Hey what’s your problem?” Yukina came to rescue me and she continued to say ” There is no rule that a painting must be perfect and everyone tries to learn it in one or the other way and one more thing we are just painting to having fun and not for entering into a competition”.

“Well whatever I don’t consider it has a painting and according to me it is just a trash” the boy just said those things and walked away from the club.

I thought that this highschool club activities will be a good start for me but looks like it really doesn’t suit me after all. I wonder how it will go on……

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chapter II

Chapter III

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