Finding my own way ( Chapter 3 )

Chapter III : My first crush

“Reiko…… Momo…..” It was after school and I was calling out for my friends who are waiting for me near the gate.

“Akira, you look really happy on the first day even though you are the only one in the class” said Reiko with a gentle smile on her lips.

“Yeah I made a friend in my class and her name is Yukina”

“Ehh you made a friend beside me and Reiko? Looks like my little Akira is growing up after coming to highschool” said Momo with a huge smile on her face.

“Seriously I never thought that Akira will make a single friend other than us in her entire life and I thought of marrying her in the end” said Reiko with little tears in her eyes.

“Why would I marry a girl. Ah but I would have married you if you were a boy. Even now you look like a tomboy though” and the three of us laughed together.

“You don’t know but you are my first crush and love Akira” Reiko’s tone kind of changed suddenly.

“Ok, let’s leave this topic and let’s go and have some pastry in order to celebrate our joining of highschool” Momo screamed.

“Yeah Let’s go” replied by me and Reiko.

chapter I

chapter II

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