Finding my own way ( Chapter II )

Chapter II: Can I be your friend

Opening ceremony has been finished and we started our first homeroom of our highschool. Everyone in the classroom are giving there Introductions and it was my turn to introduce myself. So I stood up and started giving my Introduction.

In a shuttered voice I started saying

Hello ever..yone I am Akira. Nice t..o meet you all.

As my cheeks are becoming red due to shyness and I decided to sit down quietly without looking at anyone. Everyone was literally looking at me wondering what happened to me. So the introductions moved on.

“Hii there!!” It was a greeting from the girl who sat beside me. I felt kind of relaxed after listening to her voice.

“Hello” I replied her with a gentle voice as if my throat will break if I speak a little bit louder. She gave me a gentle smile in return, a smile which will bright up the entire world. I felt like my nervousness controlled a little bit. That girl soon started greeting other people as well. By the way her name is Yukina.

“I wish I can talk freely like her” I thought to myself. As the day goes on she didn’t stopped talking with me. She told me all about her middle school days and about herself. It was like she is an open book which can be read by anyone.

“I am an Otaku” I came out of my comfort zone and told her the truth. She got surprised at first she thought that I am a book worm which I am not. She laughed a little bit and said “Thank God!!! You are not a book worm. If you are one then I would have gotten bored with you”. We both laughed a bit and became silent. Then Yukina bent slightly towards me and asked me ” Hey Akira, won’t you be my friend? I promise that I will be your good friend and give you lots of memories in these three years” and with out hesitating I said yes as I felt relieved that I found a friend myself with whom I can hang out in the highschool……

For Chapter I

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