Finding my own way

Chapter 1: Introduction

Hiii, My name is Akira and I am in my highschool (year I) . My hobbies are reading manga and watching anime. I really love Romance manga as it always make my heart beat goes faster and wants me to fall in love one day. But there is one problem………….

I really feel shy around people and I hardly have few friends and those are my childhood friends Momo and Reika. These two are the only one with I always like to hang out and these people are the only one who loves me even though they know that how much crazy I am and unfortunately none of them are in my class and I am really getting nervous on my first day of my school and I don’t even know how my highschool life will go πŸ˜₯

Note; Hi as you all know this is Anjani. So recently I have been thinking of writing some stuff on my own and Finding my own way is one of my own creation. I don’t know how it will turn out but I hope you all will enjoy it.😁

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