My Top 8 Naruto Couples

So today I am going to write about my top 8 Naruto couples of all the time. They are literally my favorite.

  • Minato and Kushina:

These two are my number one couple in Naruto. Everytime they appear on the screen they used to bring a huge smile in my face. I literally cried when they both died as they really don’t deserve it. They are such a cutie pies.


  • Shikamaru and Temari:

I really like this couple from the beginning. What should I say A duo of intelligence. They are really perfect for each other. Sikamaru is really a lucky guy.




  • Sasuke and Sakura:

Yup you read it right. My third favorite couple is Sakura and Sasuke. I really love the way sakura showed her feelings towards Sasuke in Naruto. She would have left him when he became bad and even tried to kill her but nope she loved him till the end. And on the other side I think Sasuke loved Sakura from the beginning and he couldn’t express it as he felt that she would come in between his revenge. Who cares they got married and gave birth to Sarada and showed that no matter how far they both are they are always connected with each other.



  • Naruto and Hinata:

Everyone’s favorite couple and sweet hearts. Well I am a big fan of Hinata and she is an angel. I really love the way Hinata looked at Naruto when no one else did and the way she understands him and on the other hand Naruto, Just how did he not realised it till the end. I am happy that he ended up with Hinata and I would have been more happy if he would have realised it sooner.



  • Obito and Rin:

A couple who couldn’t stay together till the end. Well this is my personal ship. I would really love if Obito would have ended up with Rin in the end. I know that they meet each other in heaven but I want them to end up with each other in the real life. Even though so many people ship Rin with Kakashi I would like to ship her with Obito and if you ask me why then it is because Kakashi is mine and I won’t give him to anyone ( Just Kidding ) I think that Kakashi just saw Rin as a good friend and not more than that. If I have a chance I would write a story based on Rin and Obito as I really love them.


  • Asuma and Kurenai:

One of the best teachers and ninja’s of Konoha. I really like them. They really look good together. Asuma don’t deserve that death. I cried like hell when Asuma died and how Kurenai broke down after hearing his death news and top of that she was pregnant with their child but I am a little bit happy that she has Mirai to look after.


  • Dan and Tsunade or Jiraiya and Tsunade:

Well this one is a tie for me as I really don’t know whom to choose. Dan and Tsunade are good together as they even have great opinions or views together and on the other hand I even prefer Jiraiya and Tsunade as they are amazing together. Even though Jiraiya love Tsunade he just left with a broken heart as she chooses Dan. But I felt bad for Tsunade as she lost both of them who are dear to her.


  • Sai and Ino:

I am just going to be honest the only reason I love them because they look great together and I really like the way Ino gave her hand to Sai as if she poured different colours on a piece of white paper.

maxresdefault (1).jpg


Well these are my favorite Naruto couples. So who are your favorite Naruto couples?






Note: I don’t own any of the images above.

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