Little Heart ( Short Animated film ) : Love story of two dolls.

There is no other pure feeling than love. Love can happen anytime or anywhere. There is no Gender or creature which can’t fall in love.

Little heart is a story about two dolls who were kept in the displays of two different shops. When the night comes they come to life and talk with each other. One day a girl purchased the female doll and taken it to her house. When the night came the other doll realized that she was missing. Then a cat showed him the way to her house where she was waiting for him. Soon he rescued her and when they are trying to escape they both fall down and the male one broke it’s leg. Due to the heavy snow they both were unable to walk longer and lose their consciousness and the next time they woke up they see themselves fixed and were happy that they are together.


This film is so cute. I like the way they showed the feeling of true love with the help of two dolls. This movie is so kawai and my heart skipped a bit when I saw the doll broke it’s leg I mean I thought it would end up with a sad ending but fortunately no it has a good ending which I really like and the cat is a fairy godmother as it helped the both of them. This anime film is such a heart warming one.

1 thought on “Little Heart ( Short Animated film ) : Love story of two dolls.

  1. Ah, I remember seeing this one on Youtube! Gotta love mini films with hand-drawn art and heartwarming stories.

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