Konohana Kitan: Episode 2 : A girl named Satsuki

Well episode 2 is all about a girl named Satsuki who works at Konohanatei with Yuzu. Satsuki takes care of Yuzu and teaches her how to work in the hotel.

In this episode Satsuki is given a week off by her head Kiri so that she can relax a bit. Yuzu tries to make Sawatari relax by giving her sake and in return Sawatari offers Yuzu to take her out the next day.

Soon after Yuzu comes to know that Satsuki is not interested in working in the hotel but want to be a priestess as her elder sister. Soon we will come to know that Sawatari is forced by her family members to work in the hotel instead of her elder sister Hiiragi and Sawatari is finding a way to resign from the hotel and become a priestess.


There is nothing much to talk about this episode, all I came to know is Satsuki is a tsundare who likes to become a priestess. I really love Sawatari guys she is such a cuite pie and I really like to see Yuzu and Satsuki together. They really look like cute siblings. I really like to watch how their relationship grows in the coming episodes.

Konohana Kitan: Episode 1 : A hotel called the Konohanatei.

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