Houou gakuen misoragumi ( Manga Review )

If you are a gender bender genre fan the you need to check this out.


Being a girl Kei loves other girls and hates men from her childhood. Her mother is worried about her behaviour and decides to change her and with the help of Yui who is of same age of Kei decides to send Kei to a all boys high school in order to remove her hatred from men. After joining the school unknowingly the chairman of the school keeps a condition to Kei that she should hide her identity as a girl for three years otherwise she will be erased.


I don’t say that this manga is great but it is good. This manga is quite entertaining. I really like the characters in this manga. The one character which I don’t like is Kei’s mother, I know that she is worried about her daughter but it is not fair to throw her opinion on her. So what if she loves girls you should just respect her feelings. On top of that she only wants Kei to marry into a rich house. If we keep her aside everything is good about this manga. This manga shows about friendship and love and with some comedy it and one more thing is it doesn’t have any harem in it with makes it even more good. I wish there were more chapters to this one as it ended up pretty quickly with only 22 chapters. Overall I can say is this manga is good to read.

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