Konohana Kitan: Episode 1 : A hotel called the Konohanatei.

Well episode one is nothing but the introductions of the main characters. The episodes start with a foxgirl named Yuzu who is brought by her guardian Bikuni to work at a hotel called the Konohanatei. The story follows around how Yuzu starts her work at the hotel and try to mingle with her coworkers named Satsuki, Natsume, Ren, Sakura and Kiri.

My impressions of episode 1:

Well I really liked it. The art is so beautiful that it makes your heart feel so warm. This episode is good without any lag like how she joined the hotel and how she wanted to learn things from other coworkers. This episode went smoothly and when it comes to main lead I think Yuzu is kind of air head who literally believes everyone and thinks everyone are good and Sastsuki is kind of  sweet. I mean to say that she complains a lot and at the same time she likes to take care of others. So my impressions of this episode is good and I am looking forward to watch the next episode.


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