Devilman: Crybaby : This anime is so wrong and gross


Devilman crybaby is nothing but a story of a boy named Akira who forms a contract with a devil/demon in order to protect the world from other evil demons with the help of his friend Ryo. Will Akira able to defeat all the demons? What is the motive of Ryo behind helping Akira?

spoilers Alert 

What I liked in this anime:

Well if you ask me the only answer you will get from me is the Rapping done by these guys.


You should definitely check them out as they are so amazing. I really felt bad like how did they end up in the end, I mean they don’t deserve it. Sometimes your own friend betrays you 😦

They really have a great talent.


Second thing I liked in it is the opening of this as I think it really suits the anime and the music is kind of good.


Now here comes a list of what I don’t like in this anime and what I really felt wrong about this.

Drastic change in the appearance of the characters:

If a normal person suddenly undergoes a drastic change in one day won’t you find it weird. Well I would think that something is definitely wrong with that person but nope as if nothing has happened they continued to be with them untill they kill them. If everyone thinks that it is because of some drugs then take them to a doctor or complaint them to a police, isn’t taking drugs illegal. This thing in the anime wanted me to facepalm myself.


Miki Makimura:


If you love her or if you are a great fan of her then I am sorry I just can’t stand this girl. How much navie can a girl be? she may run fast but I think that she is stupid. First thing I know that she rejected that photographer to take her pics but when he called her she should have rejected him once again but she went to his studio in a rain and on top of that she asked him to give her permission to use his bath and that to without locking the door and what was the result they had taken her nude pics. Ok let’s keep that aside, she only came to know that Akira was a demon after Ryo tells about him in the TV, he literally got changed in one day and don’t you think that it is not normal. But I like the way she supported Akira in the end and I really felt bad how she was killed at the end. She really don’t deserve that cruel death.

Nudity and Sex:

Seriously! you thing by adding these two the anime will become popular? I don’t think so. If you think that by adding these two makes a huge difference in the story even though the story is a shit then you are wrong. No matter how worst the story may be if you add them they will end up becoming more gross. I don’t think this story needs that as it is good the way it is. I don’t know what point you want to show by adding them but these scenes are so gross mainly the scenes at the sabbath. Seriously, if you want to make an action anime which can be enjoyed by all the audiences then you should not include these two in it. I mean just think about the children who likes to watch this kind of anime, do you think they can enjoy this stuff?

They made a child to eat a dog and his own mother:

Yuck and how one can do this to a child. I know that he was turned into a devil which was as usually  not recognized by his family untill his mother saw him eating a dog. I was about to puke after watching this scene. If eating a dog is disgusting then that kid (Taro) even ate his own mother 😦  But I really felt bad after looking at his father when he unable to understand what to do untill he died in the end.



Ryo ( Satan or a Sociopath )

He really pisses me off. I mean what kind of person forces his best friend to form a contact with the demon and then shows him as a demon in front of the entire world. I think Ryo turned Akira into a demon because he likes him and he wants to take him with him. The ending scene where Ryo cries for Akira who is beside him shows it all and I really want to punch Akira for trusting him too much. I feel Ryo is more of a sociopath than a satan as he really likes to torture people.



So much of blood and everyone dies so easily:

Blood Blood everywhere………

If you think Akamega kill as so much of blood shed they this anime is mother of that. There is no single episode without blood shed and that to in a brutal way.

Everyone easily gets killed like they don’t even put up a though fight. If I think that this person is the main villan and in the next moment the villan gets killed easily.

Fast completion of story:

I would say this is a huge draw back for this anime. The story gets completed easily without any proper ending. I mean to say the creators kind of rushed up in the end. Like  how Akira challenged Ryo and fights with him in the same episode without any scene development.

My overall review:

If you are interested in an anime with so much of blood shed then you can go ahead and watch this but for me it is a big no as I really don’t like it. I know there are so many anime with no happy endings but at least they show us a little bit hope in it but this anime doesn’t have any of it. I mean the bad one wins at the end is kind of sad for me. This anime doesn’t have a perfect story and the fast ending of the story made it even worse. I would suggest not to waste your time by watching it if you are looking for a good action anime.






3 thoughts on “Devilman: Crybaby : This anime is so wrong and gross

  1. this anime kinda legitimized Masaaki Yuasa’s career, and I am actually glad a talented director is being seen by some people. A lot of people hate this anime, but I’m actually happy it evokes a reaction, no matter how bad. that’s how good of a director Yuasa is.
    Go try his earlier works, I think Ping Pong is his best work. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So much of blood shed caused me to think negatively about this anime and I am definitey gonna check out that Ping pong anime 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. yeah, the anime is very ‘adult”, lol. but the anime is pretty impressive, it’s like a weird acid trip.
        and yeah, Ping Pong is definitely better 🙂


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